Don S. Davis ~ The Twilight Zone
Don is a doctor that deals with the time traveling Eric LaSalle.
Dr. Don
Dr. Don wondering when he finally gets to play doctor, he gets to treat Eric LaSalle rather than Pamela Lee.
Oh well, I'll guess I'll treat you anyway Eric as you're the star.
Just my luck.
Dr. Don prescribes two tylenol & takes
his co-payment.
Don with some chickie whose face got Blurred by the
Character Actress Relocation Project.
Why Selmak, what are you doing in that box?
(beat) SECURITY! Can someone remove
her, please? and QUICKLY?
Why I know something that can cure you! Well... actually someone...
No need to thank me, that's what
Dr. Don is here for...
Why, you're getting a new best friend too!
Her name is Selmak. Open Wide!
What? What? What am I doing in here? JACOB?!?!?! JACOB!!!!

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