Tony Amendola Sightings ~ Jamie Vancouver 2004

Well, we really don't have a con report from Jamie, but we do have a picture of her and Tony wearing two of our cool, truly unique, one of a kind, never gonna see another one like it unless Susan makes a billion or so more pins as our low-budget grassroots effort to protest Jake and Selmak Ascending on Stargate gains momentum Selmak Ascended pins.

Thanks Tony for being a good sport and wearing one.

December 2006 update ~ Jamie's con report is here!

Our limited edition, low budgeted protest that they killed
off Jacob Carter & Selmak.

    Tony Amendola Sightings ~ Jamie Vancouver 2004

An rather startled looking Tony Amendola models the Selmak Ascended Pin
while color coordinated Sel Supporter Jamie smiles.