Tony Amendola Sightings ~ Theresa DragonCon 2003

Theresa & Tony ~ Dragon Con 2003. Photo Courtesy Theresa

Q 1 Where did you meet him? When?

I met Tony at DragonCon, 2003.

Q # 2 Was he busy being a covert Operative or was he pretending that he was an actor at a Sci-Fi Con?

He was in his acting mode.  He is such an accomplished actor that I forgot he was a covert Operative.

Q # 3 What damage was he doing to help promote the war against the evil snake heads? (Damn that O'Neill for using that term.)

Tony answered for our operative, and explained that he was trying to convert snakeheads at DragonCon.

Ahem. I think the correct answer was that you were trying to convert the EVIL Snakeheads, not a cute and cuddly, warm & fuzzy Tok'Ra Symbiote like yours truly. Right? Right?

Q # 4 Would you help him? How would you help us in the battle against the Bad, Evil Snakeheads (that includes Delek in case anybody was wondering)?

Yes, I already am.

Q # 5 Do you want a warm and fuzzy (though slightly used) Symbiote of your own?

No, thank you.

Sniff, sniff... You don't like Selmak? You don't want to be Selmak's new best friend when Cranky Carter yells at her? Sniff... sniff...

Q # 6 If so, do you have thirteen character references to submit along with the mandatory blood tests? We'll also need to run a credit report as that's what tripped up Cordesh. Too much shopping on E-bay looking for StarGate memorabilia.


Q # 7 Would you mind wearing brown a lot? It seems to be the color for the Fashionably Hip Tok'ra operatives this millenia.

Brown is my favorite color to wear.  I think I look good in brown.  I would not mind wearing tripe as long as they remove the smell first.

Don't worry! You won't smell like Tripe! Because it's really hard to be a Top Secret Tok'Ra Operative when your clothes smell.

Q # 8 What was your impression of him?  Does he look good for someone that's 139 years old? He's a mere pup compared to me, but that's ok with me.  When you're as old as Selmak is, you need a few Boy Toys to keep you on your toes.. err... tail... Err... Jake! Don't read this page, you can't handle it! Go look at the pretty pictures.

Too late, he's got that vein throbbing action going on. I think I'm in trouble again!

Tony is a wonderful, caring person.  He was great when talking with (not to/at) the children.  Everyone who stopped to talk, even if they did not buy a picture or autograph, was treated to Tony's earnest attention.  He has a very good knack of knowing where a camera is.  (May help to explain his outstanding performances on TV)  It is hard to take a picture without him turning and smiling at the camera as the picture is being taken.

Q # 9, Let me guess, he's tall, right? I know since I'm about 24 inches tall when I stretch really, really hard, I know that he's taller than me. Everyone's tall when you're only two feet tall.  Grumble. Grumble. Everybody's taller than Selmak. I suppose this is what Jake goes through whenever he sees someone who's got a full head of hair. Grumble. Grumble.

Well, at 5' 0" most people are taller than I.  I think I am taller than an Asgard, but not by much.Tony is 5' 11" tall.

Thank you for your time in answering our little questionaire... even if you... sniff, sniff... don't like cute and cuddly, warm and fuzzy symbiotes like Selmak.... Sniff... sniff...

  Tony Amendola Sightings ~ Selmak Joisey 2004

Tony meets Selmak and yells for Security.
Photo thanks to Dori.

Sniff... Sniff.. He yelled for Security.

I think he thought I was Junior.

That's my story, and that's what I'm sticking with.