Tony Amendola Screen Caps

Sel has to admit that she's not quite sure what this movie was supposed to be. A serious drama? A Comedy?
"So my agent asks me, Tony, you like cold weather, right?"
"I think I've been had."
"If he thinks he's getting his percentage..."
"Hark! I doth hear my agent!"
"So - ~ what's the latest weather forecast?!"
"What a surprise."
Attempts to smile.
Sel's note ~ these two seemed to be having the most fun of all the actors in DragonStorm.
Nore snow?
Secretly, how Sel views herself.
The End.

Dragon Storm aka What Tony did on Vacation in Sofia

All she knows is whenenver Tony & John Rhys-Davies were on screen together, they appeared to be having entirely too much fun.
"So he sends me to Bulgaria in the middle of winter!"
"Don't you agree?"
"He's crazy!"
"Shhhh... be very, very quiet... We're hunting wabbits... "
"More snow?"
"What do you mean, this is still mid-fall?"
And make the best of it.
JRD & TA seemed to be trying to turn it into a comedy.
Next time, I'm insisting on my character wearing a hat!

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