Don S. Davis ~ Atomic Train

A waste disposal company has a Russian nuclear bomb to transport, and an employee decides to save money by concealing it on a freight train. The train, which also just happens to be loaded with hazardous and flammable chemicals, suffers a brake failure and becomes a runaway train heading straight for Denver. A wreck would be bad enough, but much, much worse if the bomb goes off. A heroic NTSB investigator boards the train; he and the railwaymen try various ways to stop the train, but nothing works. Meanwhile Denver residents are struggling to collect their families and then leave town, despite rioters and gridlock. Will the train have to be derailed to stop it? If it does derail, will the bomb explode, and if it does, what then?

Don portrays Gen. Harlan Ford, one of the President's advisors. It's actually a pretty decent Nuclear Disaster Train Movie. You've got Don Davis, Tom (HARRY!!!!) McBeath, Edward Hermann, Esai Morales...

General Harlan Ford, making the tough decisions.
The tall & the short of it.
That's actually symbiote shrieking in laughter funny,
if you remember that Edward Hermman's 6'6 and Don's... only... 6'0.
Who let that Symbiote inside the Command Center?
Do I look amused?
Well, no, you don't. Do you want me to tell you some funny jokes? ~ Sel.


Get her OUT of here!
Fine! I'll go find someone else to cap!
Like Tom McBeath!
I've heard about you Selmak, don't get any closer.
I hope it's all been good, but why are you waving that gun at me?


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