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It started off simply enough. A few women affiliated with the Carmen Argenziano Fans @ Yahoo Group went to Cleveland for a con. We had been joking for years about getting together if Carmen ever came to a local con. Well, the poor guy signed up for a Cleveland con and the East Coast contingency of CAF@YG decided that they'd try and make it. We ended up with 9 members and 1 driving companion attending from the group ~ while a few other East Coasters couldn't make it. But they were in our thoughts, as we called them constantly.

"You still got the bail money?" [Long Pause.] "Excellent!"

We first saw Carmen at the Friday night meet and greet when the group walked right past him. Well, we weren't expecting him to be hanging out in the hallway! Padawan Claire, one of our newest members, then boldly went up to Carmen, explained to him that his internet Fan Group was there at the con to see him and that he should be very, very, very afraid. [Yes, this con report is going to be tongue-in-cheek - but what do you expect? You actually want a serious one? ]

Ok - actually it went more like this.

Claire: “Excuse me; I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Claire [ Remember that name, boys and girls, as it will be repeated through out this con report] and I am part of an internet fan club of yours. Did you know you had an internet fan club?”

Carmen: "NO, I didn’t. Really? That’s great." [See - notice what a great actor he is ~ instead of yelling for security ~ Carmen played along with us. He looks up ~ realizes that there are a lot of women looking at him and then he looks scared.]

Claire: “Yes, there are about a dozen of us here this weekend to see you.”

Carmen: “Wow, I’m that popular. I didn’t know.” [Note - by now Carmen is really scared. Notice the smile on his face. Doesn't he look like Bambi caught in the headlights of an oncoming Mach Truck?]

Carmen seemed surprised [scared] that the group had come from such strange places as Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and New York just to see him at a con. Carmen then noticed that some of the girls were wearing Selmak Ascended Pins, and he was given one of his very own. By now, he was getting extremely worried. An internet fan group with their very own pins, hand signals and other strange rituals, but still he struggled on, determined not to show his fear.

"Oh, Selmak Ascended? That's nice..."

Then Padawan Claire dropped the bomb.

Claire: “We should get to our seats now, but I must warn you of something.”

Carmen: “Yes?” [By now, he's really, really afraid.]

Claire: “I’m not sure of the whole story, but apparently, someone has an elbow fetish and would like a picture of your, umm, elbows, exposed.”

Carmen: “ELBOWS??” [For some reason, Carmen started looking for con security around now.]

Claire: “I’m so sorry. [Please, she's just so not sorry... You know it, I know it and Carmen knew it...] I have been nominated as the wild and daring one, [Actually as she was the newest member of the group] so I get to ask. I’ll be asking you tomorrow. So if you want to back out…”

Carmen: “No no, I’ll be wearing short sleeves tomorrow so I’ll be ready. I will see you then, Claire.”

See - wasn't that evil? The Two Evil Empresses made the Padawan do everything so she'd get bounced from the con not them especially since Carmen remembered Claire's name all weekend long.

So sad how the Dark Side of The Force corrupts young people so quickly.

We then returned to our rooms after the meet and greet to have the mandatory con party. But we had a surprise! Selmak had de-ascended and joined us for the con.

Naturally all sci fi cons require large amounts of booze and chocolate especially as we had planned a full weekend of watching Classic Carmen DVDs.

The group is very tired and so only a few of us watch "Murder of Crows" aka the movie with Carmen in a Toga. We fast forward to the best parts - where Carmen is acting ~ as we're not a Cuba Gooding, Jr fan club are we? Nope...

Stephanie blends up some sort of frozen drink called a Peach Slush. Apparently it's really useful for watching Carmen Classic movies ~ as she watched "Hot Box" with her other Carmen group friends with two blenders of Peach Slush on stand bye.

Remember the name of "Hot Box" as that movie will come back to haunt Carmen later.

It's only after we've downed two peach slushies does Steph realize that she forgot to cut the 400% Proof Alcohol slush down with ginger ale. Fortunately the two Evil Empresses have adjoining rooms with Claire, Steph and her blender so we can stagger through our opened door and collapse in our beds. It's been a long day for my sister and me. Got up at 2:00 AM to take a connecting flight to Cleveland on two crop dusters, arrived reeeeaaaallllly early in Cleveland, went to the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. It's now close to 11:30 PM and I'm tired. Janet works nights so she's bright eyed and getting her second wind.

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Carmen Bemused with Steph & Claire

Steph & Carmen

Carmen no longer quite so bemused,
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Tracey & Carmen

Sel deascends and joins the party.
Yes, that is a symbiote cake!

Even Sel couldn't handle Steph's toxic peach slushies.

Selmak hung over, wonders why the sun is so bright in Independence, Ohio.

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