Don S. Davis ~ Hostage Negotiator
Don's character of Alexander Daniels is in the FBI. He is the boss of hostage negotiator Theresa Foley. It's shot with a lot of funky camera angles with a little too much emphasis on style rather than substance. It's almost comical how often Theresa gets awards for her excellent job as a negotiator before she becomes the black sheep of the FBI due to her crazy husband. Sel, instead of trying to figure out the logistics of the story line instead focused on Don's clothing changes. She really loved that cow spotted BBQ apron, but if it's cold enough to wear an Aran sweater, would you really be standing outside having a beer while you're BBQing?
What do you mean there's a problem?
She's capping again?
They cancelled her Gold Card!
Thinks. Becomes concerned.
I thought she was capping Garry Chalk these days.
Yoo hoo! He was in Stargate, and he's got that promising forehead.
I love that apron. Moo moo print is just so sexy. But shouldn't the cow be on the grill? ~ Sel
Well in Texas, Selmak, they use every part of the cow.
What about the tail? ~ Sel
Why we play pin the tail on the Selmak!
Thinks he's safe as Selmak squeaked and ran away.
The SPCA has filed a complaint about my Pin the Tail on Selmak joke?
Society to Prevent Cruelty to Ascendants?
Give me a Break
Well, how about the SPCCA? Society to Prevent Cruelty to Character Actors?
Oh, hello, Oma.

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