Don S. Davis ~ Deadly Little Secret
Don is joined by Garry Chalk for this movie. Don is the Chief of police.
What am I doing in this screen cap Section? I'm not Don! I'm not a Selmak Boy Toy! I'm a serious actor! There's been a mistake!
 Garry - I'm afraid you've been Selmak-ized. Welcome to the club.
It starts off innocently enough. A few screen caps from various films that you had hoped no one would ever see and then it snowballs.
Thinks of a couple . Attempts not to panic. Fails.
Then she gets out her Screen Cap Program and she starts capping
like the Crazed Symbiote that she is.
And her evil cackles of laughter ring through the Tok'Ra tunnels.

Nobody can stop her. Not Jake. Not the Grand Council.
[Attempts to appear Calm] It can't be that bad, Don!
Actually, it's far, far worse, Garry.
There's a symbiote I need you to handle for the regular price. Break her flippers.
*Sighs* Guess I have to do it myself
So you're the Evil Master Mind known as Selmak. Why did I think you'd be... taller. ~ Garry
Hey! I'm 24 inches long when I stretch real hard!!! ~ Sel.
Yeah. Screen Capping is all fun and games until EMS and the PD have to get called in.

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