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February 12, 2005

I am so very depressed about Jacob/Selmak dying err...ascending. I'm thinking someone needs go over to Stargate Headquarters, grab the writers, directors, and producers by the scruff of the neck and bang their heads together!! And ask them what the h e double hockey-stick they're doing to our show!! Okay calm down... think calm... stay calm... Ahhhhhh!!! Sorry, just needed to vent for a moment.

WJ - Washington, USA

Well, maybe that's a little too violent for our New Ascendants, WJ, but we feel your pain.

My previous letter to the Book of Ascendancy was more venting then remembering. What's my favorite memory of Selmak & Jacob? Hmmm...
I would have to say my favorite would be the role they played in "Allegiance". The Tauri were desperately trying to keep the Tokra and the Jaffa from killing
eachother over seemingly petty differences. But it was the respect, honor, and wisdom held by Selmak/Jacob and Bra'tac that kept their people from engaging in out right war with eachother. Yes, it was these warriors that had made the alliance a success.

Selmak/Jacob will be greatly mourned, greatly missed, and never forgotten.

Arik tree-ac te kek! We do not surrender! Even in death.


February 13, 2005

This would not have happened had George still been in charge! Bring Hammond back and let him kick some ass-cended booty...he'll get our Jake/Selmak back where they belong!


February 13, 2005

First of all, they were not 'petty differences' in Allegiance. The Tok'ra deliberately treated us like second-class or even third-class citizens. All, that is, except Selmak. In the words of our beloved leader, M'Zel:

"Your words are wise."

Selmak was the only Tok'ra we could stand, and she baked killer Tok'ra Treats. Bra'tac is already in mourning because of them. Frankly I am still in denial about it and hope to see the warm fuzzy symbiote walk into my house on Chulak any minute.

A Jaffa

February 14, 2005

What's there to say? Unfortunately, yet another character killed off by the curse of Sam "Black Widow" Carter, but yet Jake and Selmak were so much more that appendages to Samantha Carter's character. Who can forget that scene in Secrets when Jake tells Samantha that he's got cancer, but not too worry as it'll take months to resolve? Or when Jake tells Samantha that hopefully the Tok'Ra lady will sand off his rough edges?

February 15, 2005

Jacob & Selmak,

I just have one thing to say, I think the whole Jacob/Selmak dying STINKS, even though they ascended! Why? (I’m crying here) What did Jacob or Selmak do wrong? Sel, did you ask for a raise in pay?

No! I asked for a hot tub, and they said, nooooo, the last time they gave a Sexy Symbiote a hot tub, Hathor the ..... spawned a billion symbiotes and Airman DeLuise had to catch them all. - Sel

What do you need money for? Oh, never mind, I forgot about your mega-sweet tooth when on Earth. I thought Jacob made enough to cover that. I mean he is Earth’s liaison to the Tok’ra! Didn’t that include a raise in pay? Or, Jacob, did you lose your Gold card?

Upon hearing the sad…and depressing news…my day had gone from bad to worse. Right now, I’m in a state of denial…and plan on staying there! In the fan fiction world, Janet’s still alive, so both you are too! Ok, so it’s my own world…whatever!


Jake, since you’ve ascended, can I have the stars from your uniform? It’s not like you need them anymore! :P

February 16, 2005

Dear Ascended Jacob Carter:

Now that we know why you and Selmak didn't part before it was too late to do so, I felt a need to write another note.

Jacob, you literally gave your life to save the Galaxy. You could have saved yourself, but chose to sacrifice your life for the survival of untold millions of others. You, Sir, are a Man of Honor. What you did will be long remembered.

Gratefully and with love,


February 26, 2005

That smile, that intelligence...this hurts.

Guy's too lively to be gone for good, right?



What about me? I'm lively! I'm intelligent? I'm ALWAYS smiling on the INSIDE?!?! I can't help it if you can't see me smile!


July 3, 2005

Dear Jacob/Selmak

I was totally shocked when I discovered that you had died Ascended. I only discovered this months after it had happened. I had not been able to pass on my condolences until now as I had been operating out in the field, posing as a Goa'uld. The grief and loss I have felt has been intense, I felt like I had lost my own father and closest friend, words cannot describe...

My symbiote, Va'resh feels the same...

Tak mal arik tiak...

You will not be forgotten (And you will be GREATLY MISSED!)

- Deanna/Va'resh,
Tok'ra Field Operative

(PS. Why the Producers of Stargate SG.1 felt it necessary to 'kill off' ascend Jacob/Selmak is beyond me...How idioticly short-sighted!!! Sorry, just venting. I still don't believe it and expect to see you both again!)

Dear Deanna & Va'resh;

Thank you for caring. It's obvious no one on SG-1 cared. No, Pappa (& Sel) ascend, and everybody goes fishing.


PS - Jack, you ain't never gonna catch a fish as since I've ascended, I've taken time to warn those Moebius-added fish in your pond to stay clear of you.

November 23, 2005

Jake's a grouch most of the time. But he's nice too. He gave up coffee for Selmak remember. That's got to be hard to do to.

AT last! Somebody who appreciates me giving up coffee for SELMAK! ~ Jake.

Heh heh heh - she called you grouchy there, big guy! ~ Sel

Selmak is ok,

Prrr... why thank you! ~ Sel

Bossy sometimes..


But usually good to have around for advice to.

Jake is cranky sometimes but he usually is because of all the things he did for everybody I guess.

Yes, he just wanted to be appreciated! I appreciated him! ~ Sel

i can't believe they killed him off.

Miss Mouse.

Dear Miss Mouse, Can I call you Minnie?

I can't believe that they killed him off either!!

Boo hoo! Boo hoo!



Special thanks to Zim for the wonderful Ascendancy Banners.

Sel & Jacob ~ Book of Ascendancy

Selmak ascending.

February 15, 2005

Dear Ascended Sel,

As much as you will be missed in the Tok'Ra tunnels, we do have a few odd jobs for you to do now that you have ascended.

  1. The tok'ra Ka is stuck and earth and has problems sleeping on such a strange planet. Swing by and sing her to sleep each night.
  2. Swing by O'neill's house and play poltergiest
  3. Can you find were Garshaw ran off to?????? Anise wants the purple dress back
  4. STOP OOGLING BRATAC!!!! it's upsetting the jaffa. We don't care if they can't see you do it!
The High Council of the Tok'Ra

Thanks Guys, for the warm thoughts. Guess I know how I rated. - Sel

February 20, 2005

Dear Wise-Tiara-Wearing One,

I'm very sorry to hear of the slight accident you seem to have had, vis a vis the Ancient Device zapping you. But on the plus side, now you're wise and glowly - surely this means an unlimited access to your beautifaction pieces? Tiaras? Feathers? Mascara?

Plus, the transport advantages have to be considered - you don't need to persuade the Old Boy to go and visit George and Bra'tac as often. You can just pop in whenever you want: staff meetings, Jaffa training, shower time........

But anyway, I have a few requests since I'm still a poor measly mortal on this god-forsaken planet.

1. I would appreciate you hunting down the examiner who failed me on my tau'ri driving test this week. Personally I think he was one of Delek's spies trying to deny me access off this world...but I'll see what you think. Are they supposed to have a D on their forehead?

2. A Tel'tak might be nice - you know, have the odd vacation with Xy, a fellow strandee here. Visit the odd beach, Jaffa Ancient Site of Rebellion etc. etc.

3. An injunction against an American Mother of two Mini-Jaffa in Ohio would be superb. It's no wonder I can't sleep at night, worrying if they'll hop across the Pond and find me. Oh and Sel, despite your beautiful singing voice, I think my Symbio Sheep Counter will do just fine for now.

 All the best in Glowy World,


Dear Ka;

I've ASCENDED, sweetie - not become Santa Claus. Submit your list to the big guy at ok? As for Delek's followers, yes, they all have L on their heads for Losers. They also have them on their cars - which can cause confusion in Europe as L also stands for Learners. You better go out there and rip the L off your car, Ka, or else someone might think you're a follower of Delek.All my glowy love;Sel

PS - I don't check in on my boys while they're in the shower. This is a G-Rated Website, Ka. Who told you that lie? Anise? Garshaw?

February 27, 2005

'I'm just a TEDDY BEAR!' 

That is my best and most fave memory of Jacob Carter.  Not to mention the wicked glares Jacob could toss at just about anybody (especially Jack - Sel) , his grin,  his stoic response to unspeakable injuries, and his stumbling attempts to clean up his interpersonal relationships with just about everyone.  I truly loved Jacob Carter and shall miss his presence.  Now that he is Ascended, perhaps he and Selmak can wreak some havoc here and there.  All for the better good, that is. 

Cleopatra <sobbing softly>

That's why I called him Pookie, as he was a big mooshy, huggily soft Teddy Bear, even though he always tried to act like Mr. Tough Host.


February 27, 2005

Selmak will always be remembered for her ability to keep that wonderful host of hers alive and upright, despite harrowing injuries!  Her sense of humor and her ability to hone Jacob's abilities to the keenest  was wonderful to watch.

Now that Selmak is ascended, perhaps she can break all of the Ascendency Rules and do something to take out Delek.  Please.  Anise, too.  After she struts her stuff, for a while, that is! 



Now, now, now, you KNOW we can't do anything to Delek as that is against the rules!



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