Sel & Jacob Ascendancy Page

Jacob Carter & Selmak Ascendancy Page

In honor of Selmak and Jacob Carter's valiant attempts at keeping Earth Goa'uld free, would like to offer you, the readers of Selmak.Org, [All three of you] the chance to post a comment about Jake and Selmak.

These comments will be added to the Jake and Selmak's Book of Ascendancy where they will remain in perpetuity - or until Selmak gets kicked out by the other Ascendants due to her insatiable need to beat up Goa'ulds.

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Special thanks to Zim for the wonderful Ascendancy Banners.

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Send us your favorite memories about our favorite cranky Tau'Ri host - Jacob!

Send us your favorite memories about our favorite Tok'Ra Symbiote - Selmak!

Please note that Selmak and Jacob's Book of Ascendancy will be updated frequently as since Sel's ascended she doesn't have much to do besides her Shuffleboard lessons as Jake refuses to parasail with her.