Carmen Argenziano ~ Screen Caps

Carmen's a cop in this movie. Got tons of sci-fi actors in it. There is a group of Rebel Telepaths and Teeks planning on taking over the world. Only Teri Hatcher and Carmen can save them.

Carmen has a lot of good lines in this, e.g., "There's something you don't see everyday."

I think he says that 1,265 times.

Many thanks to Chris, the Little Swiss Miss who capped this for Sel.

I'm not bothering to show you my ID as I'll be dead
by the end of the show, more than likely

Where did she get this pic from? I thought I burned all copies of that movie.

Every night I pray like this, please God,
please break Sel's screen cap machine.

It never works tho'. Plus it appears that she's got an international group of screen cappers on retainers. Canada! Switzerland! The UK! Australia!
Is nothing sacred!


No!!! I beg of you, please don't look at!

Oh my God, Carmen. ~ T
Yup ~ it's pretty bad ~ C
Hey! Not NICE! ~ S





And if I ever find that Selmak, I'll smash her like this!




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