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Sel found this interview with Don floating in cyberspace ~ the link doesn't exist except as a cached copy in a search engine ~ but the owners promise me that it'll be back up soon. But until then, they graciously allowed Sel to post it.

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Q: According to IMDB, you were born in the Ozark Mountains in MO. What can you tell us about your growing up years and family?

I was born and raised in Aurora, Missouri. I was fortunate to have a very loving and supportive family. My parents were wonderful people who did their very best to provide a nurturing home environment for their four children. I have two older sisters and one older brother. Our parents are dead, but all four children are still living and are very close spiritually and emotionally, though my brother and I live long distances from our sisters and each other as a result of the career paths we have followed. Both sisters live in Missouri with their families and my brother and his wife live in North Carolina. We all keep in frequent phone contact and visit one another at every possible opportunity.

Q: When did you go into the military and why? Where were you stationed during your military career?

I entered the ROTC Program while in college and was required to serve two years on active duty upon graduation. I entered active duty as a Second Lieutenant in October 1965 and was released from active duty as a Captain in September 1968. I enjoyed serving in the Army very much. During my active service I was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indiana, and with the 7th Infantry Division in Korea.

Q: What was your first acting experience?

My first acting experience was in college. My first film credit was THE JOURNEY OF NATTY GANN. I started acting in college because I had a work study assistantship in the college theater department's scene shop and was drafted into performing in a couple of plays and discovered I enjoyed the experience. After leaving the Army I entered a graduate program in theatre at Southern Illinois University and received a Masters Degree. I taught for a number of years, then returned to SIU and completed a Ph.D. I continued to teach and, starting in 1981, wound up working as an assistant professor in the theater department of The University of British Columbia. In 1982 I started working in the summer as an extra in the local film industry. Within a short time I was getting small speaking parts and these grew into principle performer roles and TV guest star appearances, and by 1987 I was earning more as a part time actor than as a full time University Professor so I quit teaching and became a full time actor.

  Major Garland Briggs ~ Twin Peaks  


Q: How did you meet David Lynch?

I met David Lynch when I auditioned for the pilot of Twin Peaks in Seattle.

Q: What’s your favorite/fondest memory on Twin Peaks?

The interaction with David Lynch and my fellow cast members while filming.

Q: What first drew you to the Twin Peaks script?

Its quirkiness.

Q: What stands out most for you involving Twin Peaks (behind the scenes, the reaction to the show, etc)?

Working with David Lynch and the other directors and the wonderful fellow cast members from the show.

Q: Your character was somewhat involved with the Black Lodge mystery of Twin Peaks. Did you follow the storyline closely or have any theories regarding the Black Lodge/White Lodge?

Not really. My understanding was/is that the Black Lodge was the domain of evil whereas the White Lodge represented the force for good.

Q: You’ve been to about 7 festivals  - why do you come back each year? Why do you think Twin Peaks still has a following?

I enjoy getting together with the fans and catching up with what's been happening with friends from the cast. I think Twin Peaks still has a following because it was a really good show and has not become outdated by the passage of time.


Q: What are you doing now? Anything on the horizon that fans might be interested in?

I'm newly married to a beautiful woman. I was a regular character on a show called Stargate SG-1 for the past seven years. I do a lot of traveling and am continuing to work as an actor in film and television while also pursuing a passion for painting and carving that I had let other things get in the way of in the past.

Q: What is your most cherished accomplishment?

I've been fortunate to have had success at a number of endeavors. There isn't just one single thing or experience that stands alone above the rest.

Q: What’s your most memorable part in your career? Any regrets?

I have no regrets. I'm still looking for that penultimate role.

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