Don S. Davis ~ Savage Island

Set on a remote island somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, Savage Island is the story of two families: The Youngs -real estate developers with the ambition to turn the island into “a first-class resort”- and The Savages -squatters who’ve lived on the island for fifty-odd years.

One night, the Youngs on their way up to the island retreat with their six-month-old baby boy accidentally hit something on the winding dirt road. Assuming it to be an animal they drive on, oblivious to the fact that behind them lies bloodied twelve-year-old Jimmy Savage.

The following day Pa and Ma Savage show up at the Youngs’: “You killed our boy, we want your baby.” Absolute mayhem is unleashed as greed, selfishness, and ruthlessness combine in an explosive mixture to reveal the savagery within. Don is Keith Young and Winston Rekert (Cordesh - The Tok'Ra) is Pa Savage.

Warning: graphic character death!

Don won the Best Supporting Actor award for his role at the FRIGHT-FEST October 2003 in Gainesville, Georgia.


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