Selmak's friends

Myelle's web page. Babylon 5/Crusade Related

Ka'Rina - Stargate Site

Stellar Gate - Stargate Site

Tok'Ra Resistance ~ A Tok'Ra Costuming site

Sel would also love to recommend Tel's Archive of Good Tok'Ra Stuff!

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Ah... Jake... you can't click on that link. I'd have to explain everything to you. You know how confused you got regarding the Milkshake Song - Sel. You told me that it was about an ice cream shoppe - Jake. Ok - it's another ice cream shoppe and it's run by friends of mine, and you just couldn't handle it, Jake. Trust me.


Sel says Hotitudinosity is great especially if you like Slash!

Tricia's little den of depravity. :)

Steadfast's Den ~ A non-stargate fic that's pretty darn good.