Don S. Davis ~ Hero
Don is a parole officer in this film, that deals with Dustin Hoffman as one of his clients. It's a short scene.
Do you ever sometimes hear a voice in your head ?
And it's not a sweet, pretty voice.

No, it's a high pitched, squeaky voice? One that is squeeing constantly? Squee... Squee. Squee. SQUEEEE. That's all I hear, day in, day out.  

And do you ever see an ugly, annoying green blotch out of the corner of your eye that nobody else can see? Sometimes I just want to catch her and give her a big squeeze! ~ D

Durn it! I nearly got her that time! She moves
like grease lightning when she wants to. ~ D
You missed! I move fast from all those years avoiding the Goa'ulds. ~Sel
That was fun! Can we play again? ~ Sel
Why me? Why not Carmen or Tony? ~ D.
I've run out of their stuff to cap & I'm almost done with your stuff. Just a few more Don classics and I'm done! ~ Sel
You have no idea what I'm talking about do you? Or how lucky
you are that you don't have to worry about the evil known as Sel. ~ D
Hey! I resemble... resent that remark! ~ Sel

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