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J505 - "The Eschatology of Our Present"
A look at Avineri from a Don & Rommie fan
(And a Bra'tac fan too!)

I am a huge Beka fan, and when the episode opened with a nice firefight chase on the Maru, I was thrilled. I sat happily through the opening eating my chocolate (the best way to watch Sci-Fi - Sel) and ready for a nice quiet evening. It started out typical season five -- everyone in the bar hanging out. There was some quite hilarious dialoge as Harper explained his latest misadventure. Beka interrupted him with the information that the local dj had sent her a message that he had a secret for her. Nobody seemed interested -- Rhade even joked he needed to go 'wash his hair'. Doyle then piped up that if she got ten percent, her interest might be gained and Beka agreed reluctantly. At the idea of 10 percent, Rhade changed his mind and asked for more details. They needed to go to one of the planets in the system where people kept disappearing and look for a man singing a lullaby at his daughter's grave.

At that moment a bunch of goons come in and insult Beka then Dylan. Unfortunately, they picked the 'wrong guy on the wrong day' and a huge bar fight ensues with many tables overturned. Doyle pitches in and soon it is complete chaos.

There is a funny part where Harper shouts helpfully 'here boss!' and tosses something. Dylan catches it and shouts something like 'Harper! What am I supposed to do with a spoon?' and begins whacking people over the head with it with no effect. Harper then fires his gun. In the momentary silence, Trance quickly shouts 'drinks at half price' and everyone puts down their various weapons and comes over to the bar. Peace, for the moment, is restored.

Doyle, Rhade and Beka set off in the Maru for the planet. She sets down outside the city because there is a rule on the planet that all outsiders are shot on sight. Doyle and Rhade sneak off into the city. [Note: Doyle has this ultra-cool half slashed Sheena Queen of the Jungle outfit on that I adored.] Anyway they sneak around and beat various people up before finding the funeral home.

(What they don't blow up anything real good? Oh, I forget this is Andromeda - in Stargate they always blow up something real good - Sel)

They go in and this freaky voice keeps randomly talking. They round a corner and find a hologram of a little girl looking exactly like Beka holding an angel doll.

A man is kneeling in front and begins singing the lullaby. The man, of course, is Avineri aka Don!

Yes the man can sing! And quite well I might add.

Suddenly there is a loud "INTRUDERS!" and Doyle/Rhade run for it. Another fight happens, and they barely make it to the Maru.

When Beka hears that there was a hologram of a missing girl that resembles her she decides on a daring plan. She gets in, pretends to be Avineri's daughter, gets the secret and leaves. Dylan organizes a 'grand entrance' (the maru shoots a bolt of 'lighting' and Beka jumps into it pretending she just 'arrived').

Doing her best innocent look, Beka is about to be shot when Aveneri runs up. At first he stares wonderingly, then slowly steps to her holding his arms out. Don does a wonderful job of showing the emotion of a father reuinited after so many years.

Back at Aveneri's house, he gives Beka some tea and Beka puts on her best con artist show. Aveneri seems to suspect something but he obviously loves his real daughter and doesn't care if Beka is her or not.

They sing the lullaby together (again, Don has a great voice). Then he gives her the angel doll. Beka stares and shouts 'I had one of these!' for a moment back to her real self, because, of course she had almost an exact one when she was a girl. Aveneri then brings her into a secret chamber where the secret of the dj is kept.

He explains he received a message to give to her but she needs to see it inside a sort of hologram tube. She is reluctant to go in, saying she isn't too keen on enclosed spaces but he insists she needs to trust him. Beka is so amazed at the man's warm kindness she agrees.

Because Beka was gone so long, Dylan and Rhade go to look for her. They find the hidden chamber but can't find Beka. She, meanwhile, was thrown underground.

At this point there is a lot of technobabble that you need to be familiar with Rommie to the suns...blah blah blah...chosen...blah blah blah...

(oh - you mean Sam Carter meandered over to Andromeda and spouted out Technobabble? - Sel )

At this point Selmak will be very happy.

Why? Sel

Extended torture scenes. We hear him yelling in agony as the goons whack him around. He insists he can't tell them anything and the goon says 'can't or won't? That is a distinction only pain can remove'.

We then see this nasty white hot metal bar which the goon sticks into Aveneri. (Oh no! Aveneri Whumping! Sel covers her eyes with her flippers, but still peeks) He screams but still will reveal nothing. This happens several times and he is also banged about a lot.

Meanwhile, Beka, Rhade and Dylan find each other and go to Aveneri's house. They are too late but see the still smoking metal rod. Beka is furious and Dylan keeps his head. He contacts the Goons and organizes trading Beka - who knows the 'secret' for the 'old man'. Of course the idiots don't know that 'old man' always refers to Bra'tac not George. *rolls eyes*.

They show up at the exchange location and Don staggers in, more blood than man. Beka stares horrified and starts crying (yes, Don looks that bad). The goons and Dylan start arguing and in the end there is a firefight. The goons lose. Dylan comments 'We should have done that a long time ago'.

Beka takes Aveneri back to his house and tries to revive him. He tells her to go to the wall and there she will find something. There is a really sweet scene between them and Beka is so impressed by Aveneri she sobs and says she wishes she were his daughter.


*hands symbiote sized handkerchief to Selmak*

Thank you! Waaaahhhhh!!!! - Sel

Aveneri then dies.

The rest of the episode is a leadin to the next one where the dj reveals herself to be a 300 year old gorgeous blonde who falls for Dylan...anyway...


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