Carmen Argenziano ~ Theatre

Carmen was awarded a Los Angeles Critics Circle Drama Award as a featured performer in Prayer for My Daughter.

He's also been involved in El Salvador, portraying the character of John Fletcher. In 1988, he was at the Gnu Theatre, and he reprised his role in 1996 at the Tiffany Theater in Hollywood.

In 1991, Carmen did Palladium is Moving, (Where he played a sleazy telemarketer) at the Court Theatre in Hollywood.

In 1981, A View from the Bridge at the Stratsberg Institute, Argenziano is eloquent and effective as Alfieri, the attorney and voice of reason. Sel couldn't find a date (chronological date - not a boyfriend DATE!) for this performance, but she found a picture. Now the question is, which one is Carmen?

He was also involved with the West Coast Premiere of Julian Barry's Last Lucid Moment in October 1983 - which was directed by Jon Voight. Stacy Pickren was Diane in Julian Barry's "Last Lucid Moment" at the Access Theatre. First she's a holed-up, loony paranoid, a domesticated bag lady of sorts, in an apartment Mrs. Havisham would have admired. Then she's the sweet, endearing secretary/lover to her neighbor, a modestly successful television writer (Carmen Argenziano).

Sel also found out in Cyberspace information about Carmen being involved with John Allison's Extraordinary Theater's production of John Hopkins' Find Your Way Home at the Callboard in 1975 and a play entitled Siblings at the Gnu Theatre. Sel can't promise that the information on these two plays is correct, as she couldn't confirm the information.




In October 2003, Carmen was involved in a closed performance of Providential Occurrence with Garett Maggert, which means it was only for producers, directors and casting agents.

Update - September 2004, Providential Occurence has been selected out of approx. 800 + scripts for inclusion in New York's Abingdon Theatre's 2004/2005 read series.

This closed performance, staging only for producers, directors and casting agents was actually a two act play (inspired by the Amistad incident) with additional co-lead performances by: Bari Hochwald, Matt Carmody, Duke Stroud, Jacob Witkin, Bernadette Speaks, Charles Parks, John Wesley and Ron Lawrence. This original work was written by Jodie Lewis, Co-Author Producer 'A Providential Occurrence' and Henry G. Sanders.

The play has now gone through many re-writes, not the least of which is downsizing the cast of 26 to 12, and from a running time of two hours plus - to ninety five minutes - it would probably not even be recognizable to some of those who, for reasons of professional commitments or parts lost, are no longer with the production.