Carmen Argenziano ~ Florida Vulkon 2005 ~ Denise

My name is Denise. I met Carmen Argenziano at Vulkon in Orlando a week ago. I was the Klingon gal getting taped greetings from fans and guests for my friend, Betty, who is in a nursing home. Betty is 77 years young and a big Stargate and Star Trek fan. She has been a fixture at Vulkons for years.

Carmen and a couple other stars took some time and taped personalized greetings to Betty. We just came in from playing the entire video for her at the home. Although she can only remain awake for a few minutes at a time, when Carmen came on the video she popped her eyes open and a big smile crept across her face.

She softly whispered "Hi, Selmak!"

For a brief while she was able to recognize us and whisper a few words before she slipped back asleep. We left the dvd there and other friends will be replaying it for her as often as possible. I do not know if Carmen will ever read this but I thank him again for being so gracious.

Follow up in case you're curious. Sel had a few undercover Tok'Ra agents attending the Cleveland Vulkon so they slipped him Denise's note so he got the message.


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