Carmen Argenziano ~ SG6

Tracy was kind enough to report for us.

To see Tracy's pictures of the con, please click on Carmen and away you will go!

Carmen is lovely.

He got very emotional during the fancy dress when a very tiny Hathor came out, who looked only 3 or 4 years old. He told his table that he missed his kids. (Awwwww - Selmak).

Carmen also told us about a scene in the up-coming episode Grace where Sam hallucinates and he tells her about missing out on love and stuff. He said they probably did 5-7 takes and each time Amanda cried at the the exact same moment each time, he said what a wonderful actress she was (which we all knew).

Carmen also told us about one of his "gate entrances". You really need the visual for this.

He said when you charge out of the Stargate you try and look macho. On this occasion he had his hands up, palms facing outward. So it looked like he skipped out of the Gate. LOL (the demo was so funny) Carmen said he hoped they wouldn't keep that in, but when he was watching it on tv with his son, (who is fairly young) shouted "Daddy, you look like such a sissy!" as he saw his father emerge from the gate.........

Baaaaa! Hahahahahahah - Selmak

(Operatives are confused which episode this is. Some say that they believe this is the opening scene from Allegiance when he gets shot 30 seconds into the show. Others swear it's Show and Tell, while others say it's yet another episode.)

Sel isn't sure if Carmen's doing a high kick or if he's skipping.

Carmen Argenziano ~ Burbank & Lightspeed ~ Shima

Q # 1 Where did you meet him? When? Why did you want to meet him?

First time I met Carmen was in Burbank, July 2004. But it was only a very brief meeting during the autograph session. So I wanted more. Why? Well, d'oh!?! But, seriously: I was very surprised about him as a person in Burbank. [He wasn't what I was expecting].


Did I say that?

Yes, you did, and I have it on my email.

So anyway, obviously he isn't. [What she was expecting. She didn't tell Sel what she was expecting, so I'm assuming that she wasn't expecting Carmen. Maybe she was expecting Don instead? :)]

Second time I met him was at the Lightspeed Fine Arts Charity Benefit
(December 18-19, 2004 ) where a bunch of SciFi actors showed up to help raise some funds for the American Cancer Society - among them Carmen.

Q # 2 Did you want to meet me also? Do you know about me? Would you like to meet me anyway? Or do you have an irrational fear of Symbiotes?

Of course I know you. The Man wouldn't be who he was if there hadn't been you! But, I'm afraid to tell you that I'm not really fond of snakes and related species - no offense....oh gosh, now you hate me :-/

No, I don't, I'm just a little sad now. :(

Q # 3 Was he busy being a Tok'ra Operative or was he pretending that he was an actor ?

Definitely a Tok'ra Operative...but he somehow tried to pretend he's an actor as well - very strange. But I could tell he wasn't [an actor] since the only pics he had to sign with him were shots of him in is Tok'ra dress-up. Very suspicious (but the mainly Star-Trek oriented crowd didn't notice it.....good for him).

But why do you ask anyway, you've been there? The autograph states 'Jacob/Selmak'.

I'm letting the other people who weren't there, know. All the readers of (All three of them) are living vicariously through your adventure right now.

Q # 4 What damage was he doing to help promote the war against the evil snake heads? (Damn that O'Neill for using that term.)

None. He didn't really promote anything.

Well it was for the American Cancer Society, so I'll accept that instead.

Q # 5 Would you help him? How would you help us in the battle against the Bad Snakeheads?

I sure would help! But maybe the non-violent way? Maybe with some coffee and tea and just make the baddies talk and practice their anger management?

Are you serious?!?!?! Are you channeling Dr. Phil or something? On this site, there's room for only one big, tall, bald man from Texas and that's George Hammond.

Q # 6 Do you want a warm and fuzzy (though slightly used) Symbiote of your own?

Did I mention that I don't really like snakes and related species?

Sniff.. you did, but I figured I'd try anyway [Sniff.. sniff]

Q # 7 If so, do you have thirteen character references to submit along with the mandatory blood tests? We'll also need to run a credit report as that's what tripped up Codes. Too much shopping on E-bay looking for StarGate memorabilia.


Yes, 13, and not a single one less!

Q # 8 Would you mind wearing brown a lot? It seems to be the color for the Fashionably Hip Tok'ra operatives this millennia.

Brown? Why not some pink, red, black or blue...or just jeans anyway?

Darned if I know why, I've been trying to improve Jake's wardrobe for years, but no luck!

Q # 9 Was that tart Anise hanging over him? She wants him, secretly, and I won't have anything to do with that.

I can assure you nobody was hanging over him :-)

I thought you said that you were? [Evil Symbiotic Grin]

Q # 10 Do you have any suggestions on how I can get rid of Anise?

I've heard that this Zatarc thingy worked pretty well with Marty, maybe you
can try something like that?

Will do!

Q # 11 What was your impression of him?

Smirky (if that is a word)

This is Selmak.Org, we make up words with wild abandonment, so yes, smirky is now an acceptable word, except if you use it to describe me, then it's completely and totally unacceptable. What can I say, it's my website, but yes, Carmen does look rather smirky.

Q # 12 Besides the fact that's he's really tall. I know that, as I'm only about 24 inches tall when I stretch really hard, so I know that he's tall. Everyone's tall when you're only two feet tall.

He isn't that tall, is he?

He's taller than 24 inches, so he's tall.

Q # 13 Do you prefer him in green fatigues? Dress blues? tan fatigues or the dark brown leather?

Oy, the fashion issue again - The tan fatigues are pretty cool, but I still root for jeans!

Q # 14 Also, could you give me a brief paragraph or two about the Lightspeed FundRaiser - how it was set up, how many people were there, what did you do while they golfed?

The Lightspeed Fine Arts Charity Benefit took place December 18th and 19th in Irvine, CA. LFA tried to raise some funds for the American Cancer Society as well as for some charities selected by the attending actors.

It was a really small event, maybe 100-150 people attending each day. Star Trek (all shows) was pretty much the center of attention, a lot of actors from the new 'Enterprise' showed up. So the auction had only one SG article, which was a Don S. Davis autograph, everything else was ST merchandise and art by Michael David Ward, the man behind the art of Lightspeed. Anyway. So you have to imagine one big room (it was held at a club house), on the right side where all the tables and chairs for us to sit and a little stage where the auction took place and the left side of the room was the 'autograph' room.

Opening hours where from 12pm to 6pm and the actors all came somewhere around 12...if they were not stuck in traffic. Carmen was there only on Sunday, sitting pretty much right next to me (which for some reason got me pretty excited) and was busy writing autographs right away. I waited a bit till the line was shorter since I also wanted to get a photo with him. He really took his time for everybody, trying to get some conversation going, it was really a very familiar event.

I didn't stick around that long on Sunday (Carmen and my friends where the only reason I was there, but my friends left early and I didn't wanna annoy Carmen anymore with taking pics all the time so I left after a couple of hours) and didn't see the second part of the auction but I think Carmen brought some SG scripts with him to auction them off.

Dunno what happened to those in the end.

Shima's Burbank Con Photos here and Shima's Lightspeed Con Photos are here .

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