Carmen Argenziano ~ London 2003 ~ Tok'Ra

As Selmak promised, here is a report of someone who had a close encounter with Carmen Argenziano. Keeping with Selmak's Sardonic Sense of Sass, Sel interviewed her and asked her the really tough questions.

Unnamed Tok'Ra Operative and the Tall Carmen

Q # 1 Where did you meet him? When? Why did you want to meet him?

I met him in London in Nov 2003. Because I like bald men.

Selmak would give a thumbs up to that answer, except for the fact that she doesn't have any thumbs. But she wiggles her body in appreciation.

Q # 2 Did you want to meet me also? Do you know about me? Would you like to meet me anyway? Or do you have an irrational fear of Symbiotes?

I also wanted to meet you of course. He spoke very fondly of you. The only symbiotes i don't like are the nasty ones.

Has Selmak mentioned that she really, really, really likes this unidentified source?

Q # 3 Was he busy being a Tok'ra Operative or was he pretending that he was an actor at a Sci-Fi Con?

He was pretending he was an actor at a Sci-Fi con. Or was that just his cover?

Selmak can't answer that because if she blows his cover, she'd have to kill someone, and she really, really doesn't like killing people that she likes.

Q # 4 What damage was he doing to help promote the war against the evil snake heads? (Damn that O'Neill for using that term.)

He climbed on a few tables and Hathor did bang her head against a car door but refused to say if she was pushed.

I better speak to him about climbing on tables, especially since I was in Bermuda working on my tan. What if he fell and hurt himself and I wasn't there to heal him? Grumble. Grumble. I guess that means no more vacations for Sel.

Q # 5 Would you help him? How would you help us in the battle against the Bad Snakeheads?

I would love to help him. Where do i sign up? A car door is a useful weapon.

Has Selmak mentioned again that she really, really, really likes this unidentified source?

Q # 6 Do you want a warm and fuzzy (though slightly used) Symbiote of your own?

Hmm, do i get discount on a used one?

No, you have to pay for the symbiote's experience. Would you prefer a rookie like Lantesh or Jolinar or the oldest and wisest among us - that being me?

Q # 7 If so, do you have thirteen character references to submit along with the mandatory blood tests? We'll also need to run a credit report as that's what tripped up Cordesh. Too much shopping on E-bay looking for StarGate memorabilia.

Sure - hands over html copy

Q # 8 Would you mind wearing brown a lot? It seems to be the color for the Fashionably Hip Tok'ra operatives this millenia.

I look great in brown. Maybe they should try purple.


Q # 9 Was that tart Anise hanging over him? She wants him, secretly, and I won't have anything to do with that.

Hathor was rather interested. But i am happy to give Anise a run for her money.

Hathor? HATHOR? I really am not letting him go out into the cruel world by himself again. Selmak takes a pen and scratches out her trip to SnakeWorld USA scheduled for next year.

Q # 10 Do you have any suggestions on how I can get rid of Anise?


Q # 11 What was your impression of him?


Q # 12 Besides the fact that's he's really tall. I know that, as I'm only about 24 inches tall when I stretch really hard, so I know that he's tall. Everyone's tall when you're only two feet tall.

Handsome, kind, chatty, and tall. Did i mention tall?

I believe you did, repeatedly. Selmak notes - he's supposedly about 5'10" tall, which makes him look short next to those six foot plus bruisers on SG-1.

Q # 13 Do you prefer him in green fatigues? Dress blues? tan fatigues or the dark brown leather?

He wears clothes?

Yes! He wears clothes, I'm not letting any host of mine run around nekked!

Ohh, dress blues cos there is something about a man in uniform.

Learn more about our future Tok'ra operative here.

Carmen Argenziano ~ SG6 ~ Sam-Daniel Rebellion

Carmen appears to have captured a whole new legion of fans who are fierce Sam and Daniel fans. We take you now to an eye witness account.

Beth, could you please tell Selmak what happened?

Alexis Cruz is intense, inspiring and damn fine; Colin Cunningham is just INSANE, and also pretty PWETTY; Frida Betrani is pretty hyper and dancing all the time; Don is full of innuendo and amazingly warm and generous; Teryl is hilarious and soooo lovely; Musetta Vander is so damn beautiful (so jealous!); and Suanne Braun is absolutely amazing - she sings, she does accents and she's pretty insane.

However, Carmen can have paragraphs all of his own.

Here! Here! - Selmak who isn't sulking.

This is for one very simple reason - he was asked what Jacob thought of Jack dating Sam. His response? No way, Jack's terrible with women, Jacob would never let that happen.

It does not, however, end there. Because later whilst describing an upcoming episode, there was comment on Sam not having found anyone special - Hathor (sweetie, I love you) shouts out 'DANIEL!'. Carmen says 'Yes, I think Jacob would condone that. I may have to encourage that direction.'

And that is a hideous paraphrase, but you get the gist - Jacob's on our side!!!! WE LOVE CARMEN!!


Sam-Daniel Rebellion.

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