Selmak Goes to a Con

NJ Creation Con ~ August 7-8, 2004

I got two tickets to the Stargate Convenion as my favorite characters/actors were going to be there. George (Don S. Davis) & Bra'tac (Tony Amendola). I was really hoping that my favoritest favorite characters would be there - Jake (Carmen Argenziano) & his Super Smart Symbiote, Selmak. That Selmak is just SOOO cool! What can I say, it's the name!

She's always defeating the bad guys and healing Jake as he's constantly getting hurt. I'm also impressed the way she handles her P90. And I just LOVE her top secret ninja moves where she slices through steel with a quick flick of her tail.

I wanna learn how to do that! Then there was the episode where she used a grenade launcher and saved Jake (Again!). Oh... I sound like such a Fan Grrrrl....

I really wanted to meet her, because I'd thank her for presenting cute and cuddly, warm and fuzzy symbiotes (like me!) in a positive way in the media, (plus request information on her Top Secret Ninja Moves) but Jake just laughed at me. He was so cruel, as he kept telling me that Selmak doesn't really exist, that's she's just computer animation. But I believe that she exists!

Then everything went wrong. Jake didn't want to go with me and he said that I wasn't going as HE wasn't going. So I decided to go by myself! But that was a really good way of getting me squashed.

Besides, who'd host-sit Jake while I was gone?

I begged, I pleaded, I cried, I even acted really cute and tried to bribe him with coffee! Still he didn't want to go. Apparently, he thought I'd embarass him or something, as I had carefully prepared my question for the Q&A Section. Jake thought I'd ask every actor "Boxers or Briefs" even though it's pretty obvious from the panty lines. My question was - Why can't the SG1 Team get kidnapped one day (By an Evil Goa'uld), and George, Jake & Selmak, Bra'tac, Siler and Norman-Walter-Fabio Davis-Harriman-Whatever-the-heck-his-name-is-This-Season have to rescue them? That would be so cool!

That's when I remembered my cousin Squingili Tok'Ra, who really hadn't had a host since... well, Ra squashed him. Convincing him to host-sit Jake was easy, as he wanted outta the tank for a bit, but who would go with me to the con?

Teal'c! He and I had often commented on how strange the Tau'Ri were and how we just didn't understand them! How better to observe them but by going to a con? Teal'c wasn't quite sure about my logic, but then I told him that I'd pay for everything. (Well, actually Jacob would pay for everything. It was his Gold Card after all - but hosts and symbiotes are supposed to learn how to share).

So we went, and we had such a good time that Teal'c and I are going to do it next year!

If you want to see more photos - go to Mish's page. Though I don't know why she keeps saying that the girl in the black shirt is me. She's not Selmak! I'm Selmak!

Me & Tony & Mish

I jumped into a picture with my new friends Demetria & Dori plus some guy named Tony who was in every shot. Every time a camera flashed - there he was!

A camera flashed, so I jumped into his pocket. Fortunately it was
a big pocket, else I would have gone splat!

He screamed at me to get out of Tony's pocket. I ignored him
while the table laughed at him.

CreationCon New Jersey 2004

Sel poses with Don and Don wonders why he does't have normal fans.

I instruct Chris how to use the camera.

Me & Rachel~ I wish Jake had hair like that.

me & Teryl ~ She's just so funny.


I got so tired after my exciting day of Stargate Stars, new friends and Ice Cream (Where I got to choose the flavor, not Jake!), I fell asleep clutching my Don photo. Fortunately Teal'c made sure I got back to the hotel room..


Teal'c and I go to bed after a long fun day.
As you can tell, we had a little too much fun.