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I was really upset about this show. I made Pookie warp back home to the tunnels so I could see it, as Don/George was going to be back. I've missed his character SO much as it's like the inmates are running the asylum with Jack in Charge. There's a BIG, GAPING hole where he once was so solid and dependable.

I had really big hopes about this show, and in fact, I was so excited, that I made Jake motion sick as I jumped up and down in excitement.

Then I began watching it, and then I proceeded to get really confused.

Even Jake got confused!

One moment, George is wearing his dress jacket with two stars, then the next, he's in short sleeves with only two stars. Whoever this George was - sounded like him and looked like him but he didn't dress like him.

This was another episode like The Changeling where I should have taken notes, because it really wasn't George. It was a Big, Green, Sentient Cloud that was pretending to be George!

Welcome home!

The General Speaks with Weir

Sheppard's General.

Notice the short sleeves.

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The Jacket is back.

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Rodney & Green General George

The Big Guy is looking a little green there.

Wait a minute! You're not the big guy!