Carmen Argenziano ~ Screen Caps

If you've ever seen Carmen at a con, he admits that Bella Mafia and Red Scorpion have two of the worst death scenes he's ever done. In Bella, he did "The Claw" while he died, and Red Scorpion found him crawling on the floor looking for a grenade after his arm had been cut off by a machete.

So let us now present without further ado! Bella Mafia & The Claw!

Life is good.

It is ~ especially when you're The King.

Kiss the ring.

Mandatory Mafia Funeral Scene.

Hold on! Here starts the Death Scene. The Claw has
been helpfully pointed out by Selmak.



Bella Mafia

Drink the poisoned drink.


Realize that something is wrong.

Do John Hurt impersonation from Alien

Waste last few precious minutes of your life.

Give baleful look to your executioner.

Extend hand in a hooking, grasping gesture.

Shake the hooked hand aggressively, so they know that you're really ticked!

Fall to floor but keep the claw hand extended just in case the poisoner gets close enough for you to choke.

Waste Energy - attempt to stand. Make very loud noise
when you fall on the floor. Boom!

Keep hand grasped.
Fall back on floor. BOOM!

Judas' kiss from your poisoner.

Try to spit in your poisoner's eye.

The End


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