Carmen Argenziano ~ Screen Caps

Carmen is a general who has been informed that there has been a big breach of security and a nuclear bomb is missing.

I want to talk to my agent and find out why I'm constantly
getting all these roles as a military officer.

I can do other roles, you know. Maybe I could be a psychopathic killer,
or a Lothario or even BOTH!

Yes, maybe I could get a nice juicy role as the villain.
Maybe I could convince SG to do an
alternative universe story where Jake is evil?


Broken Arrow

I better forget that idea. They'd probably put me in a lot
of black leather and I'd have to worry about
being oogled by fangrrrls

I wonder if I have any fangrrrls who would oogle
me if I wore black leather? If I do have any oogling fangrrrls,
should I be amused or afraid?

What the hell is a fan grrrrrl anyway?

Nevermind, Jake would probably end up hurt.
On the bright side, I don't have to wear this itchy
sweater on StarGate SG1.


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