Carmen Argenziano ~ Screen Caps

Carmen has commented that this is one of his worst death scenes ever. Not suitable for unage Tok'Ras. There's an interesting article on this movie at Salon.Com - you just need to click on view on AD (then skip over the ad) to view the article. Carmen's portion is on the 2nd or 3rd page.

Carmen's got a gun. Carmen's got a gun.

His dog day's just begun, Now everybody is on the run

Carmen seems delighted with the size of his personal armament.

Naturally, "Dorf" shows up and ruins his day.

Carmen and Dolph hanging around.

Carmen and his Cuban Accent.

Sel admits that she couldn't understand what the Cubans
were doing in Sub-Sahara Africa in the 1st place, let alone
kidnapping Africian Freedom Fighters.. .

But she readily admits that she isn't one of the targeted
audience for this fine piece of cinema verite.
Thank Goodness.

Yes, this is what happened to that World Renown Rebel
from Santa Rosa, Flavio.
[Hot Box joke there, folkies]

Red Scorpion

Flavio broke up with all four nurses and had to get a job that
actually paid, due to all the child support payments.

But deep in his heart, Flavio is still a Rebel with Big, Curly 'Fro, even
though he had to grow up and join Fidel's establishment.

But seriously, Carmen said at the Cleveland Vulkon
that this is one of his worst movie death scenes. Only the Claw
from Bella Mafia is worse.

He's Throwing a Grenade... They've got a Special Prothesis made so
when Dolph "machine guns" off his arm, it falls to the floor..

Making him realize that his arm with the grenade pin isn't attached anymore.

Naturally, he panics.

The Clock is Ticking , Carmen must crawl on the floor,
supposedly looking for his arm.

Which is on the basement level of a two story duplex
and the elevator ain't working.

So manfully, he painfully crawls until he meets up with his
severed arm again, and then he puts his hand
onto the grenade, and then...


No more Carmen.


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