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Great! Looks like the kids screwed up the time line ~ it's the Evil Major Paul Davis in the Mirror, Mirror Universe complete with his porn moustache.

You know, I was just telling Jacob that ever since he and I turned into big glowy things and ascended, that the kids were bound to get into trouble with General "Fruit Loops" O'Neill leading the way, since we aren't there to smack his hands and say, "No, Jack! Bad! Bad! Bad!"

By the way, guys ~ nice to know that we're missed as it's obvious no one's grieving.

Did we have a nice funeral or did you just chuck Dad and me through the Chapp'ai there, Sammy?

Or are you too busy snogging your boss to care that we're dead?

BTW - Sammy, your DAD wanted you to be happy - NOT SHACK UP WITH YOUR BOSS!

Congrats, Jack, we've been gone all of a week and you managed to completely destroy the time line! Woo hoo! Give that boy a prize, we've got your Evil Major Davis (from the Star Trek "Mirror, Mirror" universe) and we saw Sgt. Siler running around with a sword ala Sulu attempting to stab Walt.

And George is now a One Star!

Plus Danny and Sammy are now uber-geeks. Really like that Sweater Action you've got going there, Samantha. You'll really get the boys now.

GUYS! You take the Little Souped Up Time Ship back into time and you don't leave ANYONE IN THE DARN THING? You know, Hello? McFly? You double park your little invisble time ship and you think no one's going to notice?!?!?!?

Jake and I are tempted to de-ascend (making sure that no one sees us) and kick Jack's rear... err... set things straight. You know being Ascended Beings is a lot more stressful than I thought it would be. I was hoping I could drink Peach Slushies by the pool all day.

But NO... Fruit Loops Boy ruined that.

If things don't get squared away in the next episode, Jake and I will have to fix it. [Just don't tell that other glowy folks]

Meanwhile, Sel would like to remind everyone that Time Travel stories makes her head hurt as Time Travel Stories require her to get out paper and pen to figure out Who is Who. And for good measure, Selmak would like to complain about the fact that if Daniel Jackson HAD ACTUALLY LOOKED FOR THE ZPM in all of Catherine's Stuff before deciding to Trip back in Time with the Time Machine ~ NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!!!!

But Brigadier General George gets the absolute best line in the entire Season 8.

HAMMOND: OK, people. Let me remind you: this mission's recon only. Do not engage the enemy. I'm allowing the use of this ship because of the obvious tactical advantage it provides you. Under no circumstances is it to be used to travel through time, understood?

O'NEILL: Yes, sir.

HAMMOND (quietly, almost to himself): Never in my life would I have imagined
giving that order!

He's got another wonderful George moment when he and McKay are standing in the Command Center and McKay calls the Time Traveling Space Ship a GateShip. Then George disappears (much to everyone's disapointment) for the remainder of the episode.

This story leaves Selmak with one important question (along with several other minor ones) ~

If there is now a fish in Jack's Lake, does that mean Jake and Selmak really didn't ascend?


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Season 8 ~ Moebius

Great! Looks like the kids screwed up the time line ~ it's the Evil Major Paul Davis in the Mirror, Mirror Universe complete with a porn moustache.

I dreamed the weirdest dreams this past year. I was a
Brigadier General, a Major General, a Lt. General and a
Big Green Alien Sentient Cloud. It's getting to the point where
I get up in the morning and immediately count the stars on my shirts.