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This is a nice little episode as Jack and Maybourne bond. They get to go on a play date to a strange place, fish and try to kill each other in painful ways.

It all starts off innocently enough, there's a strange alien device and naturally the kids have to play with it. They can't it to work, so naturally they decide to call Maybourne in. (Yes, sometimes, I can't believe that SG1 is the crack SGC team. Oh yeah, we can't get this fancy dancy alien device to work, so let's call in a known traitor and see if he can get it to work!)

Needless to say, (As no one in the viewing audience is surprised by this) Maybourne double crosses the team, and runs through a 'gate'. O'Neill is hot on his six, and goes in after him.

Sam wakes up and realizes that she's lost O'Neill. She's worried what George will say, but George tries to cheer her up by promising her a medal. Apparently he's been trying to lose Jack for years, but he keeps finding his way home.

Our boys are fighting, rolling around in the grass (Just for you O'Neill-Maybourne Slashers out there and you know who you are - and you should be ASHAMED! ASHAMED I tell you!) when the boys realize that they are no longer in Kansas.

And there's NO Gate!

So that means that they're stuck together. (Did I just hear a collective SQUEEE from you O'Neill-Maybourne Slashers?)

The boys soon get on each other's nerves. Jack likes Opera, Harry likes Rock N' Roll. Jack snores, but denies it. Harry snores, but denies it. Trust me, boys, you both snore, as Jake and I could hear the death throes of what sounded like a herd of dying elephants from here.

Then all heck breaks loose when Jack realizes that someone has gotten to his secret stash of Fruit Loops! Naturally the two boys blame each other (not realizing that a not very friendly Bear-like creature had eaten all of the Fruit Loops when the boys had left their Secret Stashes unattended).

The boys are taking a page from Lord of the Flies and are running around screaming, "Kill the Pig! Kill the Pig!" even though there isn't any pigs on the planet. It's not pretty when two men go off the deep end is it? Especially when they have all that high tech equipment that make really loud noises and big explosions.

Harry goes off the deep end.

Fortunately, Sam realizes that Maybourne dropped his map to the new spot, so they are able to locate the two boys. George calls on the Tok'Ra to rescue the two boys, even though George is tempted to leave Jack there.


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Season 6 ~ Paradise Lost

The boys realize that they're not in Kansas anymore.

You know Major Carter, it's not a bad thing that you lost Colonel O'Neill.
I might be able to nominate you for a medal.

You ate my Fruit Loops!
Die, Maybourne! Die!

They were MY Fruit Loops. NOT YOURS!!!
You ATE my Fruit Loops!!! Die O'Neill - DIE!