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It was only a matter of time before the other Earth Nations realized that the really big lights... the really BIG exploding lights that came crashing down into the Pacific Ocean were not asteroids or whatever silly excuse the United States was using.

Finally the rest of the nations all decided to hold their collective breaths until the truth was revealed.

That hottie, Major Paul Davis (not to be confused with that other Davis hottie, Walter) was giving the debriefing and everyone was getting snotty. The Russians wanted this, the Chinese wanted that, the Canadians wanted this and the Scots wanted to paint the Stargate plaid.

George was rolling his eyes so hard that I was afraid that they were were going to pop out of his head and roll across the desk.


Kinsey showed up! I'll wait for my audience (all two of you) to boo Kinsey.


He gives George an oily smile and then tries to convince everyone that George has screwed up repeatedly (But it's not George's Fault ! Everyone knows that It's O'Neill's fault!) and the NID should run the 'Gate.

Everyone begins to agree with Kinsey, when Hammond beams an Ace out of his Air Force Blue Covered sleeve.

Yes! It's THOR!

I'd like to say that if George was looking for an Alien to stop by and say "Hello!" Jake & I would have done it, but let's be honest, Thor is more impressive.

What can I say - it's that Roswell - Area 51 stuff.

Thor gives a royal float wave, and tells everyone that he wants George to remain in charge of the Stargate or else the Asgard will take their chips & the fondue dip and leave the party if George isn't in charge.

Naturally everyone decides that they should listen to Thor as they like the Asgard Fondue Dip.

Selmak ~ seriously, do you actually watch these episodes before you review them? ~ Jake

Yes, Pookie, I do. It's just sometimes I have to jazz them up, you know how often can you say, 'Sg-1 blew up something real good'?

George prepares to defend SGC against Kinsey.

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Season 6 ~ Disclosure

George gives Kinsey the Evil Eye .

You forget Kinsey - I'm Big, Bad, Beautiful & Bald and I'm from Texas.

I play Texas Hold 'Em to win.  
And it's only cheating if you lose.

Senator Kinsey, May I introduce you to my Ace up my Sleeve, Thor.