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This is one of those time traveling episodes where you need to keep a score card on who is where and when and what they're wearing.

You see a few months earlier, a time traveling Jack O'Neill had sent George a note saying, "Whatever you do, don't go to planet # P4C-970 - PS that means don't banish Jack there!"

What happened was George was getting a little tired of Jack's Mouth so he was looking for a place to send him for a few months. In fact, George had chosen P4C-970 as the perfect spot to send Jack, but there's a problem. The SG1 team reports that there are people already on the planet!

And they're called the Aschen.

Yes, the Aschen! The Baddies that killed George in 2004 to prevent him from revealing the truth about their plans!

I know you've all seen 2010, but boy, it's a really scary world in 2010 - Kinsey is PRESIDENT! And the Tok'Ra... well.... it appears that we got wiped out! <whimper> Oh, and Samantha's married to the very guy that sold out Earth for 30 pieces of silver!

But back to 2001, our team does an investigation and they find out that the Aschen welcome less technology advanced worlds to join their Federation and then they sterilize them so they can't reproduce.

So that explains the note that Jack sent. By joining their Federation, Earth would be dooming itself to genocide.

George sends Jack to speak to the President, as the President is refusing to take George's calls, and what can be more annoying than Jack O'Neill standing in your waiting room?

But instead in Washington, DC, Kinsey meets Jack in a limo. (Is it just me or does the mental image of Kinsey hitching a ride make you giggle?) And tells him that Jack won't get to talk to the President.

The two of them have a fight over who has the bigger ego as Kinsey wants to make the treaty with the Aschen while Jack's totally against it. He then tells the limo drive to take Jack back home to George - as the President doesn't want to deal with him.

Jack being used to that type of rejection, returns back to the base, where our heroes decide on Plan B.

Then Joe (I guess he's sorta my Son-in-Law???)

Does that mean you're his Head-Snake-In-Law? - Jake


Oh that hurt, Sel!

Tough! Anyway Joe and Sam go on a little date to the Aschen meeting to 'confirm' the treaty with the Aschen, and the Aschen are tricked into revealing their evil plans for Earth. They then attempt to send a biological weapon through the gate, but we close the Iris on them, leaving them and Joe to deal with the aftereffects.

It's a shame about Joe, he actually redeemed himself there for selling out Earth...

And the Aschen? They're left with a laptop that has a list of gate coordinates - the first being a black hole, and getting progressively worse after that!

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Season 5 ~ 2001

There! If O'Neill keeps annoying me I'm going to send him
to P4C-970 for the rest of his life.

No Jury will convict me - and the Joint Chiefs of Staff
will probably promote me to Lt. Gen.!

Go ahead, Jack, tempt me. I know a nice little desert
planet that's calling your name.

Well, since he saved the world (& Universe) once again, I guess
I can't ship him offworld today. Maybe tomorrow though!