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When we last left our intrepid explorers, Teal'c's brain had been washed, (Oh how do I love these Earth metaphors as they make absolutely NO sense to me) and he was now a Full-Fledged Card-Carrying member of the Apophis Fan Club.

In fact, he wasn't just a Member!

He was the President!

But Teal'c was pretending to be loyal to the SGC - while in fact he wasn't! MacKenzie said that it appeared Teal'c was truthful in his 'conversion' from the dark side...

Fortunately George doesn't trust MacKenzie as he's a duck...

Do you mean QUACK? - Jake

Yes! He's a Quack, so George called in Bra'tac for a little surprise. What can I say, our George is just so smart and handsome. <Sigh!>

Groan - Jake.

And it's a darn good thing that Geroge did that - as Teal'c is lying! He still has his autographed picture of Apophis in his locker!!!

Why yes, General, I do need to stop by Yankee Candle after work. You want a gross of the little white candles?

Children! If you don't settle down, I'm going to send you to bed without your supper!

Selmak - do you actually watch these shows or do you make it up as you go along? - Jake

I liven the reviews up a little as sometimes Sammy's technobabble puts the audience to sleep & how often can you watch Jack pretend to be stupid?

Anyway, Bra'tac removes Junior from Teal'c and George expresses his deep concern regarding the situation. But George quickly realizes that Bra'tac's way is the only way to salvage the situation.

Oh - it's so rough what they do to Teal'c. I couldn't watch it as it was so painful.

First George takes Teal'c's Official Apophis Fan Club Card and rips it up in front of Teal'c. Teal'c is fortunately in five point restraints on the bed as he's really upset. Then...then... George takes Teal'c's autographed picture of Apophis and sets it on fire.

Teal'c is in agony, screaming about how much money he spent to get that stupid autographed picture. But George laughs cruelly, as Master Bra'tac has explained that only through pain and suffering will Teal'c return to the good side of the force.

The rest of the team takes their turn sitting with Teal'c and it's rather heartbreaking as they are forced to tease and taunt Teal'c about Apophis.

It's for his own good, but still! The comments they made!

Gold isn't his color! - Jack

He wears skirts! - Sam

He wears too much makeup! - Daniel

That's the last straw as even Teal'c has to admit that Apophis puts on his eyeliner a wee bit thick. Fortunately when Teal'c agrees with Daniel, Apophis' hold on his heart is broken and Teal'c is one of the good guys again!

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