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SG1 returns from a misson and they're greeted by General Hammond who informs them that he's retiring and that he wants Jack to throw him a nice retirement party after all the grief Jack's caused him over the years.

Naturally, our team is stunned by this, especially Jack, who can't believe that Hammond thinks he's Martha Stewart. George retires, and is replaced by a Maj. Gen Bauer, who is NOT, and never will be, a Sel Boy Toy.

Do you really think people care whether or not Bauer was Sel Boy Toy material?


O'Neill doesn't get along with his new General. (I'll wait for the sarcastic gasps of Complete Surprise to die down before continuining). He takes a vacation and the first thing he does is stop by George's to play a game of Connect 4. After losing (and badly, I might add), he wants to know the real reason why George is retiring.

George confesses that he wanted to play in the Connect 4 National Championships but he couldn't get the time off from work. Jack demands the truth, and George regretfully tells him that the NID was applying pressure on him so that he'd steal alien technology for them. They had even picked up his grandchildren from school one day and delivered them home as an ominious warning.

Naturally, George wants to protect his family, and just as naturally Jack wants to get rid of Bauer.

And he calls on his old buddy, Harry Maybourne for assistance. Harry's more than willing to help except for the fact that he's in jail. O'Neill pulls a few strings and before long, they're on a road trip like Crosby and Hope and they meet up with Kinsey.

Boy, I don't like Kinsey. I keep waiting for his eyes to flash and his head to spin like Linda Blair. After a lot of double crossing and fast talking, the boys escape from Kinsey with the information needed to bring George back to the SGC.

Everyone's happy except for George, as he's in the qualifying round of the International Connect 4 Competition and he can't get the time off to go.



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Season 4 ~ Chain Reaction

George can't believe that Jack has found him on his first day of retirement.

I quit because one day I just got tired of wearing that god awful dress shirt. I want to wear tye dye, shorts and flip flops to work.

Plus I have a chance to enter the National Connect 4 Champions.


O'Neill: So what are you going to do now?
Maybourne: Well, short term, I think I'll
have a few margaritas, after that who knows?