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You know, Jake, this reminds me of that old Earth saying, it's all fun and games until someone sticks a mind probe in your brain and you start seeing nonexistent creatures. The team trots off to see a new planet. They return, fifteen hours later, believing that no time has passed.

Fortunately, George is smart enough to realize that the team's been compromised so they're sent off to the infirmary without delay. When they're done, George attempts to debrief them when the team starts acting odd.

They think their coffee tastes "Great".

I think that should have been an immediate code Red alert, as how can anybody think that drink is GREAT?

Then Teal'c (Oh the horror! the Horror) drinks an entire Vat of Coffee in one gulp! Then the team meanders off to the cafeteria, where they completely destroy the dessert section! By now, George is really mad, as they didn't leave him any doughnuts.

The entire team starts babbling about how Urgo made them do it, and how Urgo won't shut up. Naturally, nobody believes them about Urgo as nobody can see the little guy.

George even asks Janet if the team is what's that word... sane?

Bahahah! That George is just so funny!

Sam attempts to zap Urgo out of their minds, but before long, he's back, and being annoying. He wants to play, he wants to explore, he wants to sing, and the team keeps telling him no. It must be really rough dealing with something that nobody can see and who won't stop trying to do something outrageous.

Remind me to offer the team my utmost sympathies as I'm quite familiar with that problem. ~ Jake

Pook, you're getting close to earning a very Special Selmak Brain Thwack, ok?

The team has implants in their little brains, so they return to the tropical paradise where they have a rather long discussion with Togar, the inventor of Urgo, about Urgo not being a mistake, but instead a breakthrough.

Boy, they're awful noble, as I would have been yelling, "Get it outta my mind!"

They are sent back through the gate, and they appear quite confused, as they didn't believe any time have passed. George sighs, and orders them off to the infirmary.

Season 3 ~ Urgo

Teal'c, did you want some sugar and cream with that vat of coffee?

No, I'll just take it black.

Janet & George grow closer as they realize
that they're the only sane ones at the SGC.

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