George Hammond ~ Reviews

I have to admit one thing about 1969. I'm a little confused on how George's eyes turned from a lovely brown shade to his dreamy blue eyes. I know that Tau'Ri men sometimes go bald...


But I didn't realize that their eyes' color change.

Anyway, in this episode, the Older...err... Mature... ok... The George We All Know and Love and Secretely Want to Bop...


Do you have to yell? I'm doing a REVIEW right now, Pookie.

Anyway George gives Sam a note and instructs her to put it in her vest pocket. Fortunately, she's used to dealing with O'Neill, so she follows his orders even though they don't make any sense.

The group exits the Stargate and they realize they're about to get fried by a missile's rockets! Somehow, they've end up at Cheyenne Mountain, but not the Cheyenne Mountain that they know.

They are captured, and it is quickly decided that they are spies.

Our team is on the way to another base when a certain Sparky young lieutenant (Big Sigh) with red hair arranges for a flat tire. He jumps into the back of the truck and has a single question.

Why am I supposed to help you?

Apparently, George Hammond already knew what was going to happen as he's the Sparky Young Lieutenant. So he's already met SG1 thirty years ago!

The Younger, Sparky George gives Sam the note from Our George. George has written down the dates of two solar flares in the hopes that the gang can get home again.

Then Jack Zafts him, claiming that he's protecting George's career.

Yeah, right. I think Jack's full of...


Anyway, after a long cross-country tour in a multi-colored psychedelic bus (think the Partridge Family bus on Crack) our gang finds the Stargate. Using their quick wits and having a whole lot of luck, the gang finds their way home again!

All thanks to a certain sparky, Brown-Eyed, Blue-Eyed George Hammond!


Season 2 ~ 1969

And don't it make my brown eyes blue...

Tell me no secrets, tell me some lies
Give me no reasons, give me alibis

And don't it make my brown eyes
Don't it make my brown eyes
Don't it make my brown eyes blue

O'Neill Zats George, knowing full well
that George has been waiting 30 years to get even.

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