Sel Reviews Master Bra'tac

At least Jake and I knew Bra'tac cared that we ascended. Nobody else did.

Season 8 ~ Threads

Selmak has to admit that she was too busy being in a coma to keep up with what Bra'tac was doing in this episode but she's going to give it her best Tok'Ra Try. All the little Jaffas are happy that they're Free! FREE! FREE!

Bra'tac and Teal'c have a nice little ceremony where Tolok (the High Priest) declares them bloodkin to all Jaffa. The boys seem happy with that, even though I think that being bloodkin to all the Jaffa will really put a crimp into their social life. I mean, dating your sister? Ick.

Naturally, Bra'tac can't resist a chance to be dramatic. He whips his cloak over one shoulder and announces that from now on, "No Jaffa will ever Bow to Anyone ~ especially not to a False God."

But naturally, there's trouble in Paradise. No one wants to destroy the Big Honking Weapon that Killed the Replicarter and the Jaffa are already scrambling for control amongst themselves. Seems they were so busy fighting among themselves for the last five thousand years they're having problems playing nicely.

The Anubis decides to show up and ruin their day.

Ok, this is where everything gets kinda fuzzy, as Jake was busy dying.

Danny is in the Intergalactic House of Ascended Waffles and he convinces Oma to fight Anubis on the various planes of existence. So Anubis disapears quickly, and everyone's happy.

Except for me, I feel kinda bad for Oma, plus oh yeah, Pookie and I are sorta like... DEAD.

The boys return back to the SGC (and I noticed Bra'tac that you didn't mention anything about me and Jake ascending so no more Tok'Ra Treats for you, Big Guy!) and they announce that the weapon will be destroyed. And... Bra'tac declares, " A new memorial will be erected in its place so that our triumph over the Goa'uld will never be forgotten."

And since I've Ascended, I looked at the plans, and I added a nice little memorial plaque for Jake and I.

I think we deserved that much, don't you?