Sel Reviews Master Bra'tac

I wish Hammond of Texas was still here.

The old Death By Ping Pong Jaffa Ritual.

Love is in the air at the SGC!

Danny & Sammy support each other as they can guess Teal'c reaction.

Bra'tac starts hitting the wine.


Season 8 ~ Sacrifices

Oh dear, love is in the air in the Rebel Jaffa HQ and someone's not happy! Yes, R'yac is in love with a nice little Jaffa Girl named Ka'rina? Needless to say, Dad's NOT Happy and it's up to Bra'tac to calm everyone down.

He's really funny in this episode. First of all, they ditched the skull cap for the majority of the episode, which was quite amazing, as I really thought that it was surgically attached to his cute little head. Bra'tac been roped into the role of priest, I guess, as he's overseeing the wedding.

He talks to Jack O'Neill about having the wedding at the base, as Ishta's little home for Rebel Female Jaffa has been overwhelmed, and Jack is obvious in wishing that Hammond was still here. (He's not the only one!). Bra'tac tries to butter him up by calling him O'Neill of Minnesota, but Jack just calls him an old coot.

Old Coot! How dare you call Bra'tac that! I'm going to have Jake beat you up for that comment!

How about you have the old coot do it rather than me? ~ Jake

No, Jake. You should defend Bra'tac's honor. He'd do it for you!

Snort of disbelief.

He would! I know he would! Ok - maybe he'd do it for me, for old times' sake. Jack protests over the wedding, knowing full well that Teal'c isn't happy about his son getting married.

"Do you know how hard it was to get Tailgate Tuesdays?" He questions Bra'tac.

Bra'tac gives Jack a very puzzled look, obviously wishing that Hammond of Texas was back. (You're not the only one!)

Anyway, Jack regretfully agrees to host the shindigs and then everything starts going wrong. Ka'rina (spelling?) and R'yac have a big fight in the middle of the "union ceremony" rehearsal, and you can tell that Bra'tac is thinking that defeating Apophis was easier than dealing with the teenyboppers. R'yac and Ka'rina both argue and storm off, taking their respective friends with them, leaving Bra'tac with the ceremonial wine. He quaffs it, remaking dryly that's why it's good to have a rehearsal.

Then Ishta gets kidnapped. To be honest, I rather ignored Ishta and Teal'c little spat, as well, Bra'tac wasn't really involved with that lovers' quarrel. Ishta wants to free her people, Teal'c wants her to look at the larger picture, and all they do is snipe, snipe, snipe, whine, whine, whine.

Naturally, Ishta's Amazons get annoyed and want to rescue her. They are arguing over it when Jack tries to interrupt. Naturally, they ignore him (hee hee) but a simple, "SILENCE" from Bra'tac shuts the teenybopper Xena Warrior Princesses up. For a short time, as they start whining again rather quickly. With a murderous look in his eyes and another roar of "SILENCE", the teenyboppers decide to let Jack speak.

He urges caution, and Bra'tac agrees with him. The teenyboppers whine again, "You don't let me have any fun" so Bra'tac sends them all back to quarters without any supper.

Naturally, Ishta gets rescued, and they then have R'yac's Big Fat Jaffa Wedding, officiated by Bra'tac!