Sel Reviews Master Bra'tac

Where is Hammond of Texas?

Has he fallen in battle?

That's Master Bra'tac to you, not Mister.





Season 7 ~ Lost City

There's a change in the Air at Stargate Command.

A Blonde Chick (Who turns into a Brunette later on) is given control of the SGC by the new President of the US. George is happy as he can retire finally and go to the International Connect Four Championships (See George's Review - Season 4).

Dream on George, Earth still needs you!

Bra'tac arrives at the SGC and meets the Blonde Elizabeth (She doesn't turn into the Brunette Elizabeth until later - which is rather distracting. I mean, I guess I can understand - the World as We know it is about to be completely destroyed, but I want to go out with a new Hair Color? I mean, it's almost like she's a completely different person!<wink>)

Bra'tac is quite concerned, wondering if his friend has fallen in battle.

Where is Hammond of Texas? Has he fallen in Battle?

No, Bra'tac - it's the Unique Earth Ritual called, "Forced Retirement!"

Bra'tac informs Elizabeth that Anubis is going to destroy Earth in exactly three days. She then makes the appointment to get her hair done, and then she calls the President to inform him of what's going on.

He sends VP Kinsey to the SGC.

Naturally, Kinsey believes that the entire situation is a set up to make the administration look bad. Jack is babbling, as once again he has downloaded the Ancient's Database into his head. (I'm just amazed that it didn't cause his head to spin.)

Weir sides with SG1, Kinsey storms off, and Bra'tac and Teal'c leave Earth in an attempt to find help for Earth. There's a rather touching scene where Jack hugs Teal'c at the gate. <sniff>

Anubis appears in the White House, and President Hayes laughs at the Walking, Talking Carpet. That makes Anubis mad, and he storms off, threatening to get Henry Hayes and his little dog too!

The the action really starts happening, George gets promoted to run the Promethesus, Walt Davis gets to go along, Kinsey gets fired, Daniel believes that they have found the Lost City, they go there, grab a ZPM and Bra'tac gets knifed by a traitorous Jaffa! O'Neill heals him and then they return to Earth where the battle has begun!

It's not looking good, as George is ordering, "Ramming Speed!"

Jack plugs in the ZPM and the entire planetary system comes online. Don't ask me, they look like gold tadpoles, but they take out Anubis' fleet.

Good guys win! And Anubis is destroyed.