Sel Reviews Master Bra'tac

This is gonna hurt.

It did!

Would you mind not breathing your Stinky
Super Soldier on me.

Why yes, I feel green

Taking out the trash.






Season 7 ~ Evolution

Bra'tac and Teal'c are on a field trip, when they stumble across a lot of dead Jaffa. They're confused when all of a sudden, the Terminator... I mean, the Super Soldier rises up and begins shooting at them.

You know, for a Super Soldier, his aim is really bad. He can't hit the back side of a Ha'tak. But there's a problem, as while the Super Soldier's aim is really poor, the boys' weapons aren't doing it any damage.

To prove to Teal'c that he's still got it (No doubt still smarting over Teal'c comment of letting him win their sparring practices), Bra'tac does arm to arm combat with the Super Soldier.

Boy, that look like that really hurt, Bra'tac.

(See, and Jake says that I'm not sympathetic!)

Fortunately, Teal'c manages to kill one, and he's very proud of himself, as he's beaten his old Jaffa Master at something. (It's about time, Teal'c) - then naturally his joy gets ruined by me.

The Super Soldier died of heart failure.

Teal'c has to take down the sign that he had put on his door.

Teal'c - 1 Super Soldier, Bra'tac - BIG FAT ZERO!

We need to capture us a live one, so we send Jack off to do it. I think that's rather nice of us, as no doubt there will be a lot of Big Booms and Explosions, so he'll be happy.

After a whole of Big Booms and Explosions, they manage to capture a Real, Live Super Soldier and they bring him back to the SGC. Bra'tac and Teal'c play Good Cop and Bad Cop, and the Super Soldier leaks where his home planet is!

Teal'c, Bra'tac, Jake, Sam and I get to have fun, as we'll going to infilitrate the Super Soldier Headquarters!

Wow, Sam, you really need to tell me how you feel leading a team that consists of your dad, two 100 plus year old aliens, and me. I think the average age of the team was 1,500 years old. (Sorry, I skewed the average a bit) ~ but come on George, couldn't you have given her a rookie?

Take the training wheels off the Major, George!

Bra'tac gets stuck watching the ship, which is a good thing as we're running for our lives! There's a whole Swarm of Super Soldiers and they're coming after us!

We manage to get into the ship, and take off, but one of the guys decides to hitch-hike. The youngsters try to show us Old Guys (and Gal) how it's done, and end up getting mauled. Jake and I do a little slick Tok'Ra move and Bra'tac hits the Trash Ejection button and then there's no more Super Soldier!

We return back to the SGC and Jake, Bra'tac and I have a Shippy Moment.

Don't scream - I'll prove it to you.

You can stop screaming, I've got photo caps to prove it! Really! You can look at the show and see it, if you look really close!

Special Shippy Section! -

You know about all this shippy stuff on the Gate, right? You've got Sam-Jack, Sam-Janet, Sam-Daniel, Sam-Teal'c, (and the rest of all of Sam's Dead Boyfriends - I'm going to run out of space if I list them all), Sam-Pete, Jack-Daniel, Jack-Teal'c, Jack-Janet, Jack-Jake (Not seeing it, big guy, I'm afraid), Daniel-Teal'c, Daniel-Janet, Walter-Siler & his Big Wrench, Paul Davis-Daniel, Paul Davis-Sam, George-Bra'tac (Not seeing THAT one either), George-Walter (I believe the comment someone made, was it looked like George was breathing down Walt's neck like the two of them were in a bad prison movie), Jake-Selmak-Janet and George-Janet - but now... without further Ado!

Note Jake's arm (Behind Sam)

Note Jake's arm (in doorway)