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And the Award for the Most Bizarre Web Site Dedicated to Jake Carter, Bra'tac, George Hammond, Carmen Argenziano, Tony Amendola and Don S. Davis is presented to:

The Oldest, Wisest & Sassiest Tok'Ra symbiote, Selmak!

I want to thank the Academy. I'd also want to thank Mom, Egeria, for telling me to always fight for what I believed in, and to my boys, who without them this would have not have been possible. I love you all but I love Jake a little bit more, because he's my host and he does all my typing for me.

I also want to say that Delek is a Big Symbiotic Loser and now he's gonna be even more jealous of me because this PROVES I'm way cooler than he could ever hope to be!

What do you mean I ran out of time? This is my web site? I can talk as long as I want.......




Come on, Jake. Hang it up! It's crooked! It's got to be in a nice spot, so everyone can see it! Jake, it's crooked! Come on, straighten it up!

Look! Look, Jake! We got another award!!!

Hang it up right now! Right now!

I don't care that you're sleeping! WAKE UP!!! Hang it up! Hang it up NOW!!! Please... Please...

Pookie, hang it up!

Please, I don't have any hands... remember... and the last time I tried to use a hammer... It wasn't pretty. You're not still mad at me regarding that, are you? It was an accident.

Groan. I remember. It's a good thing you were able to fix my thumb. ~ Jake

Tap! Tap! Tap!

OWWWW!! *&##$^(*$#^(#$^ it! Hammering is so much harder than I expected, but at least I have our new award up on the wall, Maybe when Pookie wakes up, he'll notice the new award, rather than the fact that his thumb is kinda hurt. I better go and fix this thumb before Pookie wakes up! Shhh... it'll be our little secret.

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Wow! Isn't this next award a really Big Award? We'd probably need to move to a bigger cubicle if we got First Place!

September 2004

Isn't this great! We got the Lt. Colonel Award. Naturally, Jake's a little miffed as he thought we deserved the Major General Award just because he's a 2 star. I keep telling Pookie that they don't have a Major General Award.

October 2004

OHHHH!!! I'm so excited! Sel.Org won the October 2004 Sci Fi Source Site of the Month Award. This award is designed to honor sites that show good improvement, or sustain good design and content. Let's put it up, Jake! Come on! COME ON! HANG IT UP, JAKE!!!


Ooops... were you sleeping?

Well, I was. But it's hard to sleep when your symbiote is doing back-flips.

November 2004

We got another Award! It's the Naquadah award from GateGuide.Net. We got graded on a whole bunch of stuff including "WOW" Factor - so we won the Naquadah award because they said, "WOW! That girl needs a life!"

Sel's Award ~ The Jake Carter Injury Free Zone Award

Sel's so excited about getting awards, that she decided to create her very own Award. It's called the Jacob Carter Injury Free Zone Award. To win this rather cheesy looking award, all you need is a Stargate Web Site that is Jake Carter Injury Free, which means Jake doesn't trip over any broken links or get shot by any Java Jaffas. Additional consideration will be given to sites that display that Selmak Sense of Sarcastic Symbiotic Sass. BTW Delek, don't bother applying.

Click here to send Selmak your web site information. Selmak will be awarding this monthly.... well, Selmak will be awarding this award whenever someone asks. Apparently nobody wants the super cool Pookie award except for some Tok'Ra-ettes and a lone Jaffa that was seemed startled when Selmak gave it to her




Isto from Chevron 26

the team from Sci-Fi-Source

Star Adreal & The GateGuide.Net!


Our very first Non-Stargate Site Award winner is:

Technomage Myelle

December 2004

Our latest winner is

The Russ & the SG1 Database!


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