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And the Award for the Most Bizarre Web Site Dedicated to Jake Carter, Bra'tac, George Hammond, Carmen Argenziano, Tony Amendola, Don S. Davis, Garry Chalk, Gerard Plunkett and Terrence Mann is presented to:

The Oldest, Wisest & Sassiest Tok'Ra symbiote, Selmak!


I want to thank the Academy.

I'd also want to thank Mom, Egeria, for telling me to always fight for what I believed in, and to my boys, who without them this would have not have been possible. I love you all but I love Jake a little bit more, because he's my host and he does all my typing for me.

I also want to say that Delek is a Big Symbiotic Loser and now he's gonna be even more jealous of me because this PROVES I'm way cooler than he could ever hope to be!

What do you mean I ran out of time? This is my web site? I can talk as long as I want.......


May 2007

Selmak won two awards in the 2007 Isis Awards for her rather long-winded spiel on Hammond's relationship with his wife.

Winner 2007 ~ other/other - SG-1 ~ Action/Adventure ~
Tie for First place!

Winner 2007 ~ other/other - SG-1 ~ Angst/Drama ~ First place!

Sel's Award ~ The Jake Carter Injury Free Zone Award

The Jake Carter Injury Free Zone Award aka the Pookie Award

The Simply Stellar Selmak Award

Sel's Web Award for Beauty

Sel's decided to create two new awards! The Simply Stellar Selmak Award will be awarded along with Sel's Web Award for Beauty.

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Sel is proud to announce the Winners of the Simply Stellar Selmak Awards!

March 2006

The Simply Stellar Selmak Awards are presented to:


Tels Fanfic ~ Stargate related fanfic

Steadfast's Den ~ Non-Stargate Related but a good fic never the less.

The Pookie Award aka The Jake Carter Injury Free Zone Award

Tricia's Little Den of Depravity.

April 2006

Selmak's Web Award for Beauty

Elvellon's Creation

Marietta Ivanov's

February 2008

The Simply Stellar Selmak Award is presented to:


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