George Hammond ~ Reviews

I don't like this episode. I have a different slant on it - I think George really wasn't fawning over that tart with the bad red wig and that ugly dress. He was just fooling her, so to give Sam and Janet enough time to take her out! I refuse to believe that GEORGE would fall under that spell, though it appears that all the boys (except for Teal'c) seemed to have really liked the who...

SELMAK! ~ Jake

Whole, cheap floozy package. What Can I say, we all know what Hathor rhymes with...

Selmak, if you can't stay on topic, I'll do the review.

Yeah, Jake - that's a really good idea, that way we can watch you drool over the hussy.


Anyway, this is a real girl power episode, as you noticed that it was the soon-to-be dead male archeologist that decided to push the little red button on the sarcophagus and see what it did. They should have realized there would be trouble the minute Ms. Lee Press On Nails put her blood red finger nails outside the sarcophagus. Yes, they all end up dead, and the tart ends up in Cheyenne Mountain wearing nothing but a rain coat.


Soon Danny's under her spell.. and then she tells George "with the crown of marble" to come on over and see her sometime. She gives him a liplock and then he's under her spell. Soon he's acting like a thirteen year old boy who's face to face with a naked Playboy centerfold model.

GEORGE! You should have run the minute you saw the TART!

Yeah, Hathor's a much-loved goddess, RIGHT!

She's got notches on her bedpost!

She's gone through more mattress than the Holiday Inn!

She's got more frequent flyer miles...

SELMAK! That's it, I'm going to take over the review.

No! I'll be good! Anyway, the girls in the SGC get together, decide they don't like the tart, as the boys should be oogling them, not Hathor. Then Teal'c informs them that Hathor wants to turn the SGC into a Goa'uld Nursery and take over the planet! That makes Janet and Sam very mad, because they know that they will have to babysit the little snotty Goa'uld symbiotes, so they decide to pump Hathor full of hot, steaming lead!

Go Girlfriend! Go! The Sistas are doing it for themselves!

Selmak? Did you actually watch this episode? ~ Long Suffering Jake


Why do you ask?

Anyway, Sam and Janet have a series of misadventures including knocking out George! Sam thinks her career is over, but I think George deserved it as he was drooling over the Goddess of Tarts, Cheap Wigs and Tight Skirts. Next thing you know, the little Goa'uld symbiotes are ablaze as Sam shot Hathor full of lead. But oh no! The tart escapes! And the SGC is serving Charboiled Goa'uld Symbiote in the Cafeteria for the next week.


Season 1 ~ Hathor

Looks like someone unleashed little Miss Lee Press on Nails.

The Girls being angry that Hathor has taken all the men,
decide to trap one for themselves.

Naturally, the girls decide that only the best will do.

George, bewildered, bedazzled and bemused by the Hathor inspired events, decides that no one would ever believe the real reason why the Old Man of the Mountain has a bandaid on his neck.