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Lieutenant General George Hammond has had many commands in his military service, but none so exciting as the seven years he spent commanding the SGC. He was taken out of that position only to be promoted from Major General and be put in charge of the Department of Homeworld Security. He was the first CO to be able to effectively deal with Colonel Jack O'Neill's razor sharp wit.

During the seven years he commanded the SGC, he carried out its mandate of acquiring new technologies, opening diplomatic relations, and defending Earth from enemies. Although he his friendly with his subordinates and friends in SG-1, he is a man that is firm in his decisions, and knows when it is appropriate to bend the regulations. He reports directly of to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the President. He is good friends with the current president. Although there is a lot of pressure to initiate black ops actions to take technology from other races, Hammond has always remained firm in his position that diplomatic relations are the best way to go. Hammond was also instrumental as a young lieutenant when he helped a SG-1 that was sent back in time escape from military confinement.

Hammond's wife died of cancer three years before the beginning of the Stargate and he has at least two grandchildren, Tessa and Kayla. He initially believed the SGC to be his last command before he retired, but when Apophis reactivated the Earth gate, he stayed as the CO of the SGC for seven years until he was replaced for a short time by Dr. Elizabeth Weir, who remained commander for about three months, until she was re-assigned to the Antarctic site and replaced with Jack O'Neill, who had been promoted to Brigadier General. He was re-assigned to be the head of the Department of Homeworld Defense. At this time, rumors have it that George is enjoying a well-deserved retirement and is currently a special adviser to the President.

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