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Carmen with a full beard and a 'fro. Thanks to Mad for Capping!

This film was originally banned in the US after only the first few selected showings. Some people say it was because it was released during the midst of the Vietnan War, others say it was never released as it was such a bad film.

Synopsis: With the Vietnam war spiralling out of control and increasingly unpopular with the American public, President Nixon declares a state of national emergency and Federal authorities are given the power to detain persons judged to be a “risk to national security”.

In a desert region in California, a civilian tribunal passes penal sentences on groups of dissidents but offers the alternative of 3 days in ‘Punishment Park’. Peter Watkins’ film vividly imagines a world where political dissidents are hunted down by the forces of law and order in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

On a side note, many commentaries on this film mention how a great many of the personnel involved in this fic were not actors, but instead real people that held their character's beliefs. For more information on Peter Watkins and Punishment Park, Sel would like to point you to this website.




Punishment Park


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