Don S. Davis ~ Stakeout

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was a red headed character actor by the name of Don who had to pay his dues. Ok, actually it was back in the mid 80's, and Doctor Don was teaching in the theater department at the University of British Columbia. Part of his department's requirements was that the professors did scholarly type stuff in their field during their spare time.

Scholarly stuff? Scholarly stuff? Is that even a word? ~ H

Excuse me, it's my site. I can make up any word I want, ok? Anyway, he had to work in the theatrical arts during his breaks from teaching. He joined an agency and he got a couple bit roles like this one and soon he was on his way! You can tell that this is the very early part of his career as he's still proudly wearing the legendary, much-talked about but rarely seen Don Davis 'stash.

There are at least two con stories about the 'stash.

"I wore a mustache as the woman I was married to at the time wanted to see as little of my face as possible..." is one quote. Naturally, this sad, self-deprecating comment is said in a honey-thick Southern drawl which causes grown women in the con audience to want to rush the stage, hug and kiss him until his self-esteem is repaired. Fortunately Con Security is aware of his affect on the women, so they have a fire hose ready to prevent the girls from jumping on the stage.

Selmak ~ I don't remember seeing this"Fire Hose Brigade" at either Creation Con at which Don appeared. ~ H

I saw it! Anyway, the other story is the Dana Elcar story. The MacGyver people wanted him to shave it off in order to be Dana Elcar's stunt double. He refused, so they hid it as best they could. He did the stunt where he did a triple roll down an eight foot hill while carrying a rifle...

Selmak? A triple roll down an eight foot hill? Are you making this up? ~ H

I'm paraphrasing, ok? Anyway, Don got paid and his wife told him to shave the stash off so he could get more work as stunt work paid pretty darn well.

And now, without further ado ~ Don S. Davis & the 'Stash!

Don's character is one of those poor roles where he's seen
in the first five minutes of the movie.

Everybody's name is written all over him.

I think that's called the 'CREDITS' Sel ~ H

Whatever~ We want more Don! We don't care who did the music! ~ Sel

And it's pretty cold as you can see his breath steaming.

And he's probably worried about turning into a red-headed don-sicle.


You know, unexpectedly, grading papers doesn't seem like such a bad career.

Worst thing I have to worry about is a papercut, rather than freezing to death.

If I had a full beard, at least my face would be warmer.

Don not realizing that soon the 'stash would disappear for parts unknown,
mentally debates the full beard look.

Looking underneath the truck for the escapee prisoner.

Naturally he doesn't find the escapee as the movie would be over
before the credits finished.

Then Don's character gets to warm up and is not seen again.

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