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Where in the World is George Hammond? Funny, funny site.

Interviews with Don

Don Interview ~ Interview M R Reed *Onsite*

Don Interview ~ Passing Darkness ~ Ken Mader *Onsite*

Don Interview ~ The Still Life ~ Joel Miller *Onsite*

Don Interview ~ Twin Peaks

Article with Don ~ Bad pun in title.

Don did an interview for Gateworld.

Interview with Don at the FACTS con, October 2005. And another interview with Don at the FACTs con. And yet another FACTS con interview.

Don S. Davis MP3 interview by SciFi Talk- roughly 30 minutes long. Very Interesting!

Don Prevue Magazine

Improv with Don! More of the interview.

More Don. ICON Q&A March 2003

Still More Don. Yes, even more Don Interviews (Various)

Interview with Don Sky One Interview - Very Buggy. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not. If it's not there - try here.

In Search of Something Extra, Don discusses why he became an extra. (Note search for Don S. Davis, his comments are toward the middle of the piece).

Don Davis Interview - May 1999 - Ultimate TV Chat

Sci Fi Chat October 2002

Interview - Ultimate TV - September 1998

Starlog 2000

Don Interview July 2002

Xpose Yearbook 2001

General Motors On

Interstellar Transmission Interview

Interview with Don - Scroll down to find Don's part

George tribute Videos #1, # 2 - note: NOT Direct links to videos.

Don ~ Honorary Board Member of the Gillioz Theatre

Don is described as a man who could "charm a nun out of her habit" by a congoer.

Video Promos of Don from Andromeda - click on Episode 505
The Eschatology Of Our Present - Clip 3 & the Promo Clip

Don - Gatecon 2000

Listen to Don's various voice-overs - The Characters Talent Agency

Not for the Faint of Heart.    Photo Manipulation

TV Gen Chat with Don

Don's Bio- Found this on the net. May need to re-size.

The Artist's Circle - Short film with Don and Michael Shanks

Don at Trek Expo 2003 photos

Don Sacramento Con Sacramento Creation Con

Need your very own George Hammond Paper Doll?

Don at Burbank!

George Hammond as a caricature.

Blurb about Don leaving SG after Season 7

Don ~ New Year's Eve 2000

Assorted Don Pictures - TV Zone 1, 2, 3,

Don as a Jedi Chef - Don looks bemused about the Jedi Chefs. Ok, bewildered might be the better word.

Get Don as a coffee Mug. You know you're arrived as an actor when your face is on a T-Shirt or a coffee mug.

In the X-Files, in the episode Beyond the Sea Don was mouthing "The Lord's Prayer" when his character of Dana Scully's father appears to Dana while he was dying.

A photo of Don.

Stargate Cartoons has deleted scenes of George. Stargate Deleted Scenes - Season 8. "Under Way" George takes command of the Prometheus along with Super!Sgt!Walter.

Don at the LightSpeed Charity Auction.

If you're interested in Don's recent appearance at Christchurch's Armageddon's con, click here (scroll down). Don did a couple interviews while he was there: Interview #1 and Interview #2.

Don Convention Photos

The following Con pixs include various shots of Carmen and Don. Warning - a lot of these sites are in French. Sel suggests babel fish/alta vista if your High School French is rusty - though some of the mistranslations are giggle inducing.

There are also several gratuitous shots of Don doing crunches. Woo hoo! - Selmak

Stargate Con - in French but has pictures of Teryl, Christopher, Carmen and Don. Also has a picture of Don doing crunches?

SG-6 Con


More Con Photos

Still More Con Photos

Pictures from the Creation Con in Burbank, California.

Linde's Photos from FACTS CON 2005.

Sel highly recommends Shirl's convention photo website as it's got bazillions of pics.

New Pics from Don from the Belgium Facts Con.

More Facts photos (Click on New York 2006, and scroll down to Fact 2005), and still more Facts photos (Click on Ceux qui me sont chers and scroll down to the Facts photos.

Don Davis photos from the London Comic Con can be found at two offsite links. Crisppy99's site and Rising Phoenix's gallery.

Dragoncon Photos
with Don.

Don Magazine Interviews

List taken from

"TV Zone Special" (USA/UK) February 2004, Iss. 55, pg. 54-56, by: Steven Eramo, "Fighting Fit"

"AXN (Sony Pictures)" (Japan) February 2003, by: Miwa Hirai, "Interview with SG-1"

"Cyberex" (January 2003) , Iss. 22, by: Miwa Hirai, "Stargate SG-1"

"TV Zone Special" (), March 2003, Iss. 50, pg. 30-31, by: Steven Eramo, "General Impressions"

"TV Zone Special" (), July 2003, Iss. 52, pg. 50-53, by: Steven Eramo, "Honour & Duty"

"TV Zone Special" (), July 2002, Iss. 46, pg. 30-33, by: Steven Eramo, "The Don"

"TV Zone Special" (), July 2001, Iss. 42, pg. 36-39, by: Steven Eramo, "You Have A Go!"

"TV Zone Special" (), August 2000, Iss. 38, pg. 44-46, by: Steven Eramo, "An Officer and a Gentleman"

"TV Zone" (), June 1999, Iss. 116, pg. 24-28, by: Steven Eramo, "General Orders"

Magazine cover photo

"TV Zone Special" (), July 2002, Iss. 46

"TV Zone Special" (), July 2001, Iss. 42

"TV Zone Special" (), August 2000, Iss. 38

"Wrapped in Plastic" (USA) December 1996, Iss. 26

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