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Don't to forget to look at Tony's Theater page to see his theater links.

Tony Amendola - The Yahoo Discussion Group.

Tony's interview regarding Continuum.

Tony ~ Transcript ~ The Chat

Tony Interview - Acting & Mannerisms

Tony Interview at the & stargate ultimate (It's in French).

Tony Interview Eclipse Magazine.

Interview at the Pegasus Galaxy website. You can download the audio interview also.

Amendola Feels the Force (Search for Amendola in your browser as his article is way down at the bottom.)

Article with Tony comments - Waiting for the Take. What do Actors do in between takes?

Tony talks about what he learned from his teachers. audio interview

More Tony Pics

Interview with Tony

Tony Music Video # 1,

Going to California episode guide.

Comments about Tony Amendola, the kind of actor you always dream will say your words

Interview with Tony

Famous Cat Lovers... scroll alllllll the way down, and Tony's listed.

Steve Furst comments on Tony & John in DragonStorm including the "tremendous chemistry between John and Tony". Sel has to agree as it looks like Tony & John were having a little too much fun. Complimentary Gift Baskets?

Photo of Tony from ZORRO.

The Top is Down - Tony explains that he's not balding.

One of Tony's latest movie (wrapped in March 2004) is the movie "GRAVELANDS". It appears that Human Kind makes contact with Mars and discovers that we're not along in the solar system. Take a look at the great shots of Tony in his role as a Tattooed Martian Priest. Thanks again to Jeff for letting us post this pictures here!

We've got a few more pictures of Graveland, which is now known as Crimson Force. It is scheduled roughly for April 2005.

(The site is a little buggy, so be patient!)

Graveland 1, Graveland 2, Graveland 3, Graveland 4, Graveland 5

Graveland 6 has deleted scenes of Tony. Stargate Deleted Scenes - Season 8. "Young Jaffa in Love ", "Contingency Plan"

  Tony Amendola ~ Convention Photos

Photos from FedCon 2004 in Bonn, Germany.

Report from April 2005, ICON - located in New York.

Tony SG9 #1, Tony SG9 # 2, Tony SG9 # 3, Tony SG9 # 4

Tony SG9 # 5 , Tony SG9 # 6

Tony as a Jedi Chef - though he looks like he's trying out for the Yanks.

Trek Expo 2005 pictures.

Tony at the Burbank Con

Photos from a con. Yet another con.

Selmak is detecting a conspiracy as she's found pictures from still yet another con. Loads slowly, and click on the pictures to see them.

Tony at Gatecon 2000

Sel highly recommends Shirl's website for convention photos. She's got a gazillion of them!

Italian Video of Tony doing Kree-con.

Video Interview with Tony.

Con Pics from Sg9.

  Tony Amendola Magazine Articles

List taken from

"TV Zone Special" (USA/UK) February 2004, Iss. 55, pg. 60-62, by: Steven Eramo, "Master Class"

"TV Zone Special" (), July 2002, Iss. 46, pg. 10-11, by: Steven Eramo, "Tony, Tony"

"TV Zone Special" (), November 2000, Iss. 39, pg. 56-59, by: Steven Eramo, "Rebel Warrior"

Magazine cover photo

"TV Zone Special" (), November 2000, Iss. 38

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