Carmen Argenziano ~ General Links

The Carmen Group - Yahoo Discussion Groups about all things Carmen.

Onsite Intervew ~ Carmen with M R Reed.

Another interview with Carmen - Our Stargate.

Yet ANOTHER interview with Carmen - Stargate Alpha.

Carmen's interview at Gateworld, along with another one.

Another Carmen interview. It's a short one, located in a gaming forum, so it's a little different than the usual Carmen Stargate interview.

Colin Cunningham's Stargate Diary - Descent and he mentions Carmen, trumpets and veggie burritos.

Life of an Actor - James Morrison site with pictures from the play "El Salvador"

A picture from "Co-Ed Call Girl" - Don't worry - Carmen isn't the Call Girl. Sel says it's only worth watching the last thirty minutes as Carmen's in it then. Other than that, it's like watching paint dry.

Live Journal - No1Dad

Proving that we have no shame whatsoever, please see RetroCarter! Selmak would like to state that she had nothing to do with this one. She just found it and after screaming in terror, she decided to add the link.

Speaking of Music, here's a Music Video. Entitled "Father's Day".

Father, Daughter music video.

Another Video "Last Breath" - quite nice tho' very sad as Jake and I ascend in it. To find it -> Stargate SG-1 -> I hope you dance -> Character -> My Last Breath.

Jake and me as caricatures. I like the ones of me except I don't wear that much lipstick!

Transcript of Tony Amendola interview where he talks about Carmen's toolbox. Note this is part II of the transcript.

Lightspeed FunderRaiser - Dan & Carmen - No Shima tho' has deleted scenes of Jacob. Stargate Deleted Scenes - Season 8. "Hurry Up" Jack O'Neill tells Sam, Jake and Sel to hurry up with the replicarter weapon. He's just so impatient!

Carmen was interviewed in the Rolling Stones Magazine regarding his involvement with that fine piece of cinema, Red Scorpion, the movie that will continue to haunt him forever. It's only fair, Carmen, as it still haunts Selmak.

Carmen's brief mention in Autograph Collector from Shore Leave in 2006. You can find it here: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4.

Carmen Argenziano ~ Fan Listings

Dad ~
Fan Listing for Jacob Carter.

Still Have Everything ~ Fan Listing for Sam/Jacob Carter

Charming Carmen ~ Fan Listing for Carmen

Carmen Argenziano ~ Convention Pics

The following Con pixs include various shots of Carmen and Don. Warning - a lot of these sites are in French. Sel suggests babel fish/alta vista if your High School French is rusty - though some of the mistranslations are giggle inducing. 

There are also several gratuitous shots of Don doing crunches. Woo hoo! - Selmak

Sel's Favorite Carmen Con Pic of All Time - Carmen in Headlights. Doesn't the poor guy look like a deer caught in headlights of an oncoming tractor trailer?

Stargate Con - French

SG-6 Con


Still More Con Photos

Comments on Carmen at the Burbank Con

SG9 London UK Cons

[Photos not by Sel]

Carmen SG9 # 1, Carmen SG9 # 2, Carmen SG9 # 3,

Carmen as a Jedi Chef (Carmen looks as though he's wondering how to put this on his Curriculum Vita )

Picture of Carmen at the Orlando Vulkon, March 2005 - OurStargate Forum

Icon 25 Stony Brook photos of Carmen.

Con Pics from DragonCon and Sg9.

Carmen Argenziano ~ Magazine Interviews

List taken from

"Cult Times" (), May 2000, Iss. 56, pg. 11, by: Steven Eramo, "The Guest-List"

"TV Zone Special" (), November 2000, Iss. 39, pg. 60-63, by: Steven Eramo, "Universal Conduit"

"TV Zone Special" (), July 2002, Iss. 46, pg. 20-21, by: Steven Eramo, "Get Carmen"

MANDATORY DISCLAIMER~ These are links that Sel found interesting about Carmen. I'm sure you realize that these sites aren't hers, these links aren't on her site, and she's not affiliated with them in any way