Don ~ Sightings ~ Selmak Joisey 2004

Sadly our first report will be from Selmak as some people (Ahem, you know who you are, Lesley & Gilder) still haven't written down their thoughts of meeting Don. So Selmak volunteered her thoughts about meeting Don.

Q. 1 Where did you meet Don? Why did you want to meet Don?

I met Don at the Creation Con in East Rutherford, NJ in August 2004. I really wanted to see Don and the rest at the NJ con because I doubted that Jake would ever let me go again.

Q. 2 What was your first impression of Don?

He knows how to work a crowd. All he needed to do was yell, "YEEEEE HAWWWWWW!" a few more times, and the crowd would have nominated him for President of the USA. Hell, we would have nominated him for Supreme Commander of the Universe if he had only yelled "YYYYYEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAWWWWWWW" one more time.

Fortunately, he only uses his powers for good.

My second impression was... he's really tall... especially since I'm only 24 inches when I stretch realllllly hard.

Q. 3 What was he doing to help in the war against the evil Snakeheads?

He went around to different tables of specially selected operatives, discussing their hopes and goals for overthrowing the Goa'uld. He was followed by a moderately cranky aide, who kept reminding him that there were yet even more people to see.

I was so excited when he sat down at my table, that I insisted that I get my picture taken with him. (see picture of me below where I'm being hopelessly fan grrrrrrlish - but it was really for the girls back in the tunnel.) That really annoyed his aide, as apparently, I was posing...

Posing as what, I'm rather uncertain.

As you can see, Don wasn't too sure of what to make of me jumping on top of him. He's trying really hard not to scream as I (very small voice) accidentally thwacked him with my flipper when I threw myself at him. It was so embarassing.

Our table of disparate (DISPARATE, Hathor NOT DESPERATE) souls were quite impressed with him when he told us that he'd be around all weekend and to stop him at any time if we wanted to talk or have another picture with him.

Don appears slightly concerned after Selmak launches herself at him.

Q. 4 Did you see him during the weekend? Where abouts?

Selmak gets all Fangrrrrrrlish while Don smiles
and wonders why he doesn't have normal fans.

I first saw him in the sitting area. I was chatting with some of my online friends trying to remember who was "" when we noticed it was him! IT WAS DON S. DAVIS! It was DON! He was really here!

Sel - you don't get out alot, do you?

Well... no...why do you ask? Then we saw him in the restaurant, and he was reading a book. So I really wanted a picture of him for my site, so I carefully went up to him and asked if he wasn't really busy, I really wanted to take his picture.

I asked really nicely, and this time, he didn't scream. And I apologized again, for accidentally thwacking him with my flipper.

He seemed to really like being at the con, as a lot of people asked him for a picture and he agreed! There was a little girl who ran all the way over from the opposite side of the restaurant, clutching a camera as she wanted a picture, and then ran alllll the way back to the other side of the restaurant, all happy and excited because she got Don's photo.


Don ~ Sightings ~ Gilder ~ Gatecon 2003    

Q1. Ok - Gilder, Sel wants to know the story behind the hat.

Between GC2002 and GC2003, I was on staff at my local American Red Cross chapter; I'd been and continue to be a volunteer. I received permission from the chapter's public-information officer to use the ARC logo* in my GC2003 costume. I dressed as the Armed Forces Emergency Services station manager at the SGC.

Though the costume didn't meet requirements for GC2003 costume contest (had to be a character /entity actually part of series canon), I did wear it for the photo sessions. The photos were donated to the San Antonio chapter.

When it came time to pose for this particular photo, I asked "Who wants to wear the hat?" JR Bourne volunteered Don, and Don was a good sport to do it.

* ARC and the International Committee for the Red Cross and Red Crescent (ICRC) are even MORE protective of copyright than MGM is!

Gilder, Corin, Don & The Red Cross Hat

Don Sightings ~ Virginia Creation Con 2005  

Mandatory Disclaimer: Please note that neither Con Attendee who wrote these reports is the person who had the insane desire to call Don Davis a "Boy Toy" at the Virginia Con. Ain't it scary that there's more than two people that read this website? Goodness knows that sometimes even Sel has to shake her little symbiotic head in stunned disbelief.

Gilder's Report.

A bunch of OS and DSDFans posters had gathered in the back of the hotel restaurant for Sat. AM breakfast. We had also invited a few strays to join us. Don's name had just come up in our chat when I saw him being seated alone in another section. I looked around at the dozen or so at the table, asking, "Should I invite him?"

The answer was definitely yes!

So I went over, asked Don if he'd like to join us or preferred his privacy. He decided to come sit with us, which made several people's day! We kept it from becoming a Q&A session for the most part.

And here I should apologize to Dori. It was most evil of me not to give her the high sign as she walked into the back room. I just sat back and watched.

Dori's Report -

I had also been told that another group had planned to meet in the same place at 9:00 a.m, (a much more ambitious group, cuz, like, we were crawling outta bed then grumbling for coffee) So I had NO IDEA what to expect when Laurie, Ry-man (my son) and I arrived at the restaurant. I hear a "hey Dori" and there is the lovely and outrageously friendly Gilder (no I am not sucking up, she really is a SWEETIE!!) and a table of about 10. So back we go. HELLO to all, and as I look over, who is there BUT THE MAN.....MR. DAVIS.....MR. DON DAVIS......OMG.......... Like, way cool......and we are suppose to eat?????

(Coffee waiter, quick!!!! So I Keep something in my mouth and don't say anything really stupid, like I always do). We sit and enjoy lovely conversation as he discusses his trip to the MALL the day before with Peter Williams (bad guy, very bad guy, tehehehehehe) His art work. Something he worked on in Korea. Projects he has going on at home (a few paintings not yet complete). What he has planned for the future (working mostly on his art) and he mentioned how he hopes his art sells because people love it and not because he was on Stargate. (I have seen some of his work, it is really good!!! So I don't think that will be a problem). Gilder introduced him to all at the table. He was so kind to all. He had, if I understood correctly, planned to run out that morning to see more sites in beautiful D.C., but because he was chatting with us he ran out of time. He gave up his morning for US..... Lovely man. Interesting.... Great insight..... kind......thoughtful.......humble......... And boy, I think everyone at that table was walking 2 inches off the ground most of the weekend!!!! What a surprise and a pleasure...


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