Don S. Davis ~ Remembered by his Fans

Over the past four years, I've had the great privilege of Don's friendship.

At the 2006 Dallas Creation SG-1 Con (say that five times fast), he outed me as "an email nut...a nice one...but a NUT!!" I later asked whether I was a pest, but he said, if I remember correctly, to keep the emails coming.

A couple of my favorite memories are on the "Don Sightings" page of

I miss Don as if he were a brother. My guess is that he has reported on me to my late parents and is now swapping stories with Daddy. (Oh Gilder, I had hoped that the statue of limitations had expired by now! ~ Snarky Sel)

Goodbye, Don. I'll see you when I get there.


Michelle wanted to add the following:

The last time I saw Don was at a con in New Zealand in April 2007. His guest liaison/personal assistant/slave (whatever it's called had disappeared and he had no one to look after him. (...) So I walked with Don from the hotel over to the con (a few blocks away). On the way over I said to him that Gilder had told me to say hi. His face lit up at the mention of her name and then he said something along the lines about how he loves Gilder but she drives him crazy with all her emails and then he laughed, that really great Don laugh. (...) Don was such a warm and friendly man.

He will be sadly missed :(

Don S. Davis ~ Remembered by his Fans

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