Don S. Davis ~ Remembered by his Fans

For those of you who have not been fortunate to see Don at a con, he was the true renaissance man... former military, athletic, artistic and most of all an incorrigible flirt who would use self-deprecating humor with a thick southern drawl to get scores of women to hug him...

Don S Davis - you will be missed.



I started Selmak.Org as a lark. I needed to practice my html coding and thought it would be different to set up a site dedicated to the unsung Character Actors of Stargate. I was being realistic, thinking if I was the only Carmen/Don/Tony site, well, I'd be the best!

Sel, a horrible parody of several fangrrrls I knew, was born!

I first 'met' Don at the very first New Jersey Stargate Creation Con. He walked past my crowd of friends, and I was like, "Huh? No escort? No Creation Con People bodyslamming overeager fans out of the way?"

No, not for Don. He didn't believe that in that stuff.

That night, I sat at a table of eight strangers plus my sister for the Dessert Table. With the exception of each other,, we didn't know a person at the table. The Creation Handlers were being strict with the guests only being allowed two minutes at a table. The guy in the striped shirt told Don it was time to move on. Don looked at him, once, and then proceeded to keep talking.

Once again, a force in motion (The Creation Goon) attempted to move the unmovable object (aka Don).

Don refused to move.

It got to be almost comical, as the Creation Striped Shirt Dude was getting frantic to move Don onto the next group. By this time, Don had spent five minutes at our table.

Finally, Don decided it was time for Don to move on to the next table. Yes, Don had decided it was now time for Don to move, not the Creation Goon. But I always remembered what Don said, "You see me in the hallway, you come up to talk to me. You want a picture with me, all you need to do is ask. I'm here for you this weekend."

Our stunned table gave him a round of applause as he moved onto to the next lucky table. I still chat with eight of my table mates from that con. Later that con, I saw Don sitting at a table in the restaurant. I put on my 'big girl pants' and decided to ask for a photo.

He said, "Absolutely!"

Thank you Don, for having a sense of humor about Selmak. She always skirted the edge, but you just laughed it off.

Helena & Sel the Fangrrrl


My heart broke when I heard about Don's passing. I've been at every Twin Peaks Festival since 98, so I was able to have one-on-one with him a bunch of times. He became a Fest staple. I looked forward to seeing him each year, and missed him when he couldn't come. He was so easy to talk to and sincere! Don's profound intelligence , and warmth, came through in the character Garland Briggs and we all responded to that. And he always kept us laughing. Just was always having a great time with the fans.

He will be greatly missed by so many, on screen and off. We love Don!!!


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Don S. Davis ~ Remembered by his Fans

A Texan Heart
~ Amberflyr ~

Rest in Peace, Don S Davis.

The stars are beautiful tonight, and I wonder how that is possible. Don't they know we are in mourning?

How can they shine so damn bright? It's been a long day, and I'm tired.

Actually, that's not true; I am exhausted.

The beer I opened tastes wrong, and the lasagna I heated is congealing on a plate. I have no heart to eat.

Today, I lost someone I considered a brother-in arms. A good man died and the world is now a poorer place. My friend, my old commanding officer, had a heart attack.

How can that be? He had such a big, Texan heart, how could it have failed?

I thought George would always been here. I'd have a problem, pick up the phone, and presto, problem solved. No fuss, no berating, just plain, good horse sense.

Now, who will I ring? Who will I call if I need to discuss things that weigh heavy on my mind?

The stars are so bright and I don't understand why. Don't they know we are in mourning?


I have spent the past while reading over messages about & for Don. What a tribute to the man! Most did not have the pleasure of meeting him, yet the praise is for a loved one.

Yes, I believe this is the word I want to use.

All over the web sites with Don are tributes to him. What a phenom to warrant such praise, don't you agree? It is difficult to read some of them & not be brought to tears. He touched soooooooo many lives via his work, it is hard to imagine we won't see him walk in to our living rooms anew, shake his head & say "Jack, just get the hell out of my office!"

God's speed Don!



I apologize for my lateness, I only read about Mr. Davis about 10 minutes ago at I'm only a fan, so of course, I didn't know Mr. Davis. But when I watched him in "The X-Files" or "Stargate", his "goodness" emanated from the screen. You could tell just by listening to his tone and the inflections in his voice, that this was a good man.

My condolences to his family for their loss.

The industry has lost a gifted actor and a truly decent person in the business which (as we read more each day) is so rare.

I never got to any of the conventions. But if I had, I would have waited in line all day to see Mr. Davis. He will be sorely missed by all of us.

Safe journey and peace be with him.

I will make a donation to the American Heart Association in his name.

Sincere regards,

Proud Gater since 1994!


I'm going to miss Don a lot. He was a very good friend who also happened to be an awesome actor, artist and teacher... It means a lot to me that I had the opportunity to not only work with him but to get to know him so well...

Joel Miller
The Still Life


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