Don S. Davis ~ Remembered by his Fans

My favorite memory of Don was at Dragon Con. It was 2006 I think. Anyway, during the panels he seemed so surprised by how much we all loved him. At the last panel of the con the Stargate track had a big banner signed by as many fans as could get their names to fit, was presented to him to take back with him. He was so moved by our love for him and the show that he actually came to tears. It only made me admire him even more, as a person.

He was scheduled to be at Dragon Con again this year and he will be missed both as a guest that weekend and forever as a wonderful man who brought General George Hammond to life so beautifully.



I have a memory of Don S. Davis I would like to share. I met him at the London Film and Comiccon 2006. I was in complete awe and he was sat there with his wife Ruby and I was completely speechless when I approached him. Don was very encouraging and a very warm and welcome person who made you feel like you'd known him forever. Don and Ruby were very nice, her telling me not to be shy around him as 'He's just a big teddy bear'. I will never forget that day. Thank you for the memory Don. R.I.P.



Thanks for the opportunity to share about Don.

I met Don a few years ago when he came into the jewellery store I worked in and bought a wedding ring - I'm not sure if he was teasing or not, but he said that he "kept losing them"... it was about the time that he got married to Ruby, though, so that's why I think he might have been kidding.

I've attached a poem, When I am Ready to Go, that people seem to get really moved by, and when they read it they often say that they were thinking of someone they loved, who has passed away.

I hope it makes a difference.


When I am Ready to Go
~ Nikki ~

When I am ready to go, I'll know.

You'll be left to take care of my shell but respect it, don't "honour" it, for I am not my shell.

Don't look at what remains, lamenting, "He sparkled, you could see joy in his eyes."

That sparkle is Love. That Joy is God - the One who remains. The Box that was "me" has changed, God has not, He remains. Simply, my spirit went home.

My Sparkle will still be seen - in the diamonds on the snow.

My Joy will be felt - in a word, or a phrase, or a motion that came to be known as mine.

My Love will touch - revealed in a note, recalled in a word of encouragement or replayed in a memory.

I, as you, am One with God, in a different form perhaps, in a different space, but as we and God are one, you can be assured of my visit to you.

When a sudden summer breeze rocks you off balance with a hug so immediate and complete yet, strangely unafraid, you stay in the flow and return, safe, to terra firma;

When on a silent walk a sigh sits on your shoulder and in your ear you hear a prayer of gratitude for the wonders of nature; you may convince yourself of the science: "It's the wind, it's the trees."

It is me. I am there. Maybe when you want, maybe not. I may arrive and hear your plea: "Why am I thinking of this now? I can't handle this, I don't need this!"

Every visit is perfectly timed and reasonable. Not through me, through God. Revel in these moments; taste them, embrace them, for they may appear yet not be seen if you lose your awareness.

You are my Loves, my Spirit, my Self. Draw near to me when it serves you - do not clutch to me, lean. My Strength is Enormous - I am "Plugged-In" to Unlimited! And it is available to you. Ask and ye shall be given.

We will ride together soon my sweets, soon enough to come. BE in what you are now. Share the experience of "you." Challenge your ideas. Learn, grow, taste, risk, trust, be vulnerable.


It is all there is.

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